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That time off episode 1🎬🌟🎬...When you stunting on road to pull gyal but then get caught up by the local Roadman and have give ya frenchie in to pay off the debt ... @chloe_dingley @nigelpacho #roadman #imjustbait
Day 6 🇯🇵 #roadman #roadmanjapan #roadmantokyo #japan #nara #deer #shotoniphoneX #portrait To all my regulars - look out for the audience participation in today’s post. 📸 1️⃣⏭3️⃣ The plan was always to arrive before the dawn breaks on our sorry grasp of sleep, to wallow in the tranquillity of the sound of silence. To, in a blink, and in one motion catch some of the serenity pictured above. Of course, as is always the case with me it seems, I missed the memo. And though I can’t see, because I was in the shower, I can still hear him smiling as he sings “Anshu, you’re not going to be up by 8, don’t chat breeze”. Fast forward, past another 3am night and some walking in Osaka’s torrential rain late at night. Further, past me never finding my bearings in the morning and sucking splash into my lungs to try and sucker punch myself awake. Past all that, I find myself here. So that question, where is here? Clue: There are 7 lines of lyrics from a song inspired by here snuck into the above text - guess the song & guess here. Answers tomorrow, first correct guess gets Pocky from Japan. Comment below. 📸 4️⃣⏭6️⃣ Osaka’s Dotonburi district by night. Highlights include but are not limited to: A straight 🔥 gyoza hotdog; a dece Glico man; and Saif’s personal fave - my exchange with our taxi driver. Taxi driver asks Anshu what cologne you wearing? Dove. What, Dior? No man it’s Dove. Huh, what? Here let me spell it out for you, it’s D-o-v-e man. Get yourself some. Arigatou gozaimasu.