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New blog up! Link in bio. • My six year old walked out of her room today in a dress that belonged to someone very special to me many years ago. It fit her perfectly and it brought a smile to my face as I remembered the sweet one who once wore it. • I wrote this several years ago for #amusingmaralee, and she gave me permission to repost it today as I remember our girl - Arissa. • “Friends, do not let a sadness go by in your life without recognizing its worth. Do not let a tear fall that doesn’t change who you are and how you love. Do not miss out on the opportunity to grow through your pain, to cling to your Savior, to become who He created you to be.” • #everydaymercies #fostercare #adoption #rocks
Two of my favorite things. I got them on vacation. My wolf rock was a gift. The lace rock was from a secret place. #rocks #idaho
A little #throwback to a casual stretch in Chile 🇨🇱
Erre a képre ébredtem reggel. Ki örülne,ha ilyet kapna a pàrjàtól?😅. Évek óta jàrtunk ősszel sziklát mászni,de az utóbbi 2 év nekem kimaradt. Itthon maradtam a kislányunkkkal. Bànom? Egyàltalàn nem. Szàmomra 1,5 év nem alvàs utàn az is izgalmas kalandtúra,ha eljutok egyedül vàsàrolni😅. Az élet relatív 😘. #adventure #climbing #rockclimber #descending #trip #rocks #anyagondolatok #mik
Unos ojitos me miran a través del vaso...