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☀️CALLING ALL SUN LOVERS! ☀️(Guilty! 🙋‍♀️) Did you know it's possible to reverse those unpleasant effects of worshipping the rays?? 🤔🤗Here's Natalie's reaction (notice all those exclamation points, she's excited!): "(NO FILTER, NO MAKEUP!) I wanted to wait to show my personal results but I just couldn't help myself!!!! 45 days of Rodan + Fields Reverse Lightening Regimen!!! I had been suffering with melasma and acne scarring! I spent COUNTLESS dollars on COUNTLESS products! NOTHING WORKED until I tried R+F! Now look at what it's doing for me! In just 45days! I can't wait for my 60, 90 and one year results!!!!!" Yea, our products don't mess around 🤓. #rodanandfields #sunshine #beach #spots #dark #surf #summer #beforeandafter #men #women #justdoit #skincare #face #beauty #nomakeup #confidence #consistency #reverse #lookgood
Who wants to try. 60 days money back guarantee! Mother’s Day spring bundles are getting low! Spoil your mama with....🌸 👉🏻Intensive Renewal serum (targets wrinkles and firms skin) 💁 👉🏻Lip serum (smooths and plumps lips) 👄 Purchase both of those and you’ll get eye cream for $6!! Our eye cream is a top seller and targets fine lines, puffiness and dark circles! #mamamusthave #eyecrack All of this comes in a pretty floral box! You can either gift mama the whole box or split it up for a few special ladies in your life and keep a product for yourself too! 🌸🌷🌻 Contact me for special pricing! 🖤 #rodanandfields #mothersday #loveandprotecttheskinyourein
Thank you, Lash Boost. 🙌🏻 After living most of my adult life with tiny, sparse lashes, I now have these to bat at my boyfriend! 😉 (When I’m not rolling my eyes at him. 🙄) . . . . . #lashboost #fabulashes #reallashes #noextensionsneeded #realpeoplerrealresults #growapair #allyours #lashesfordays #naturallashes #rodanandfields #rodanandfieldslashboost #rflashboost #eyelashes #productsthatwork #decidetodayhowtomorrowlooks #lifechangingskincare #skincare #beauty #greatskinandlashes #lashserum #blueyes #eyefringe #dreamteamgivers
So here's WHAT'S UP: In the past I've heard that Lash Boost is expensive. I hear you. But when you see this- you'll understand that it's actually not. _____ Check it: Carly did an experiment: LASH BOOST vs. EXTENSIONS _____ LASH EXTENTIONS 🌟 Immediate results 🌟 $125-200 full set 🌟 Fill every 2-3 weeks (averaging $50-$70/ fill) 🌟 Damaged lashes 🌟 Salon appt. needed 🌟 Time consuming _____ LASH BOOST 🌟 8-12 week results 🌟 $135/tube (lasts 3-4 months) 🌟 Can be used on your eyebrows too! 🌟 No ‘fill required’ 🌟 No salon appt. needed 🌟 Protects, nourishes + moisturizes lashes - think vitamins 🌟 10 seconds (or less) at night- that's it! _____ ZOOM in on this beauty! Which one is right and more cost effective to you?! . . . . . . #SheGrewAPair #LashBoostforthewin #YesTheyreReal #lashboost #forthwwin #growapair #hollaatme #illhookyouup #conditions #nourishing #itactuallyworks #rodanandfields #rodanandfieldslashboost #rodanandfieldsconsultant #represent
Mama used her Face Wash Filter on #snapchat to tell me how EXCITED she is about TONIGHT’S Event at @jthomassalon ... {Perks + Pampering} Because #teamwarbington PC perks go BEYOND 10% OFF + FREE SHIPPING! Wanna Learn More about being a #rodanandfields Preferred Customer?! Message Me & Join I’m on the #skincare Savings & FUN!
🌷This Spring bundle is almost completely sold out!!! Last chance to snatch it before it’s gone!!!🌷 💰At 25% off, you're practically getting lip serum for free! 💝GREAT gift idea for Mother’s Day💝 Message me today to place your order, before it's too late! #lifechangingskincare #1skincarebrand #rodanandfields #2018 #mother #motherday #mothersdaygift #youngerlookingskin #hurry #almostsoldout #discount #spring #familybusiness #frontlinewheelrepair #familyfirst #woodstockga #downtownwoodstock #smallbusiness #freedom
All good things must come to an end 😩😩 I ordered my own because Lord knows I wasn’t gonna miss this 🙌🏼 Do you still need yours???? I’m offering ANYONE to snag one today on a special bulk order (free shipping, Preferred Customer pricing, not commitment) Not a PC? No problem!! This is the perfect timing to try these golden nuggets out!! Get these bad boys for a STEAL at a $49 savings in the beautiful bundle! 💙night renewing serum 💙multi function eye cream 💙 lip renewing serum All anti-aging y’all 👍 #rodanandfields #rflipserum #multifunctioneyecream #intensiverenwingserum
💗 This quote is a beautiful reminder of how far we've come in the last 3 years... What started off as ONE person 🙋🏼, small town teacher, nervous as can be that I didn't have the "right" network... turned into: 〰A team of 160+ entrepreneurs changing their lives in 3 countries. 💛 〰A team customer base of over 900+ with glowing skin. 🎉 〰A large group of leaders paving the way for upcoming leaders (including 3 in the top 2% of the company!!!) 🍾🥂 〰And my personal organizational sales in 2017 were over $1,000,000- that's a lot of skincare! The crazy part is... the majority of my personal business has been through referrals. Roughly 75%. Let that sink in when you try to tell yourself you don't have the right network or know enough people. What if the biggest risk is not trying? I’m no different than you. ❤️ We have a personal team training group to help you grow your business to its highest potential. YOU can be a part of this too!! I’m so excited to celebrate with other leaders at the tippity top in 3 months 🍷❤️ #napa #sanfran #RFlife #rodanandfields
Age Assault! 💗 Get the right products to combat pesky fine lines, large pores, and saggy skin! Ask me about the perfect solution for you!
As we get older.....and we sleep on our sides, this WILL happen!!! BUT there IS something you can do about it!!! Check out Melanie’s results when she used our proprietary AMP MD roller and Intensive Renewing Serum! I'd guess she's pretty thrilled, especially with tank top and swimsuit weather upon us!!! I’d love to help you get your own fabulous results!. . . #ampmdroller #intensiverenewingserum #decolletage #wrinkles #sidesleeper #chest #rollawaywrinkles #number1skincarebrand #number1forareason #rodanandfields #lifechangingskincare #moneybackguarantee #antiage
I know it can be hard and may feel like a chore especially after a late night, but washing your face before bed is so essential! Your skin naturally repairs itself at night therefore sleeping in your makeup doesn’t allow your skin to breath and can clog your pores causing uneven skin tone, dryness, redness, acne, and deepening of wrinkles! It can also increase your exposure to free radicals which is what makeup attracts throughout the day causing collagen breakdown and increased aging in the skin. Collagen is the most important fibrous protein that is found in connective tissue! Collagen will naturally break down through aging, however, not taking care of your skin with a daily routine you are increasing collagen break down and pigment changes. Aside from collagen breakdown, don’t forget about the other unwanted debris your skin gets covered in throughout the day-such as; dirt, oil, bacteria, pollutants, and dead skin cells! Do you really want to lay your face down on that pillow at night with all of those disgusting particles??? Think about it 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️ #washyourface #sleeptight #turnbacktheclock #rodanandfields
Can it get any sweeter than this?! The thought of not being able to be home and present with my sweet baby girl makes my stomach churn. Missing out on getting to watch her grow and be there for her is something I never want to experience and something I prayed about for years!! It makes my heart so full and thankful that that prayer has come to fruition!! Thank you Papa!! 🙌🏼 If you're a mom, soon to be mom or young lady who has been praying this same prayer for her future, do not hesitate to message me!! I would love to talk with you about what God has placed in my life and the huge blessing it's been. #babysnuggles #mompreneur #rodanandfields #dontmissthemoment #nomakeup P.S. neither of us have had a bath yet today and that's ok.
If you’re at your wits end with acne and all the issues that comes with it, you NEED to be using Rodan & Fields Unblemish line! Look at what a difference top quality skincare products can achieve! Not only does Unblemish treat and get rid of acne, but it also helps with the appearance of acne spots and scars! #unblemishregimen #rodanandfields
It's that ☀️S U N S H I N E ☀️ time of year, and you know what that means... time to P R O T E C T!. . . Long gone are the days of lathering up baby oil and baking in the R A Y S for as long as you can... We all know better now! Wearing sunscreen is so important... . . . Did you know that all four Rodan + Fields regimens have a Skin Cancer Foundation approved sunscreen as the final step to your routine? It's such an important step in maintaining the health and beauty of your skin!. . . DM me or shoot a comment below to receive 10% off and free shipping! 😍✨. . . . #shinebrightrf #lifechangingskincare #protecttheskinyourein #skincareroutine #skincaretips #theeverygirl #theprettypursuit #skincare #rodanandfields #beauty #beautycare #blog #bloggerbabe #skinfullyme