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We are all smiles tonight! 🐶🖤🐶 NEW BEDS!!! These beds are amazing! Check out @k9_ballistics and the beds they offer. Great orthopedic and XL/XXL size options for #bigdogs like us #rotties 🖤 And of course, mom couldn’t spend the money on chew proof, orthopedic XL beds without getting our names embroidered on them. 😂😂🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ * #rottweiler #rottweilers #rottweilersofinstagram #k9ballistics #qualitydogbeds #rottie #rottiemom #lovemyrottie #gentlegiants #blackbeauties #happyboys #handsomeboys #lovemydogs #unitedpawsgroup
Well HELO extra winter weight, its so nice of you to pay your visit 2 months sooner. (You can’t see it b/c I’m really good at this IG posing thing) 😆 Embracing the chaos over here. Lets be honest, this is way more likely going to help me hit that 185lb deadlift PR ive been working toward. Taking the thought that my clothes are a few sizes too small and pushing it to the side. Im focusing on what I have done. Paying attention to the tiny steps ive taken to get to where im at now. I have faith that its highly possible that by not being where I thought I should be happens for a reason. Maybe those extra few pounds are what I need to grow strong muscle and hit those PR’s. Maybe its what I need to understand the struggle Maybe its what I need to finally get something we have been working so hard for. I believe our lives unfold a certain way because it was meant to, even if its not in your plan. Preparing you for a future you cant even imagine. 💕
#tb to my 1st birthday!
Livin that camper life ❤️🏕