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Hi guys sorry for the late update ... mum has been rushed off her feet at the minute 🙈... I am pleased to say I am doing well ! My chest is still quite swollen but my lovely vet said this is due to dead space as he removed so much necrotic tissue 😔I had my stitches removed this morning instead of Monday to give me an extra couple of days so hopefully I will be much more comfortable 🤗🙏.... this is a big smile to everyone who has showed me love , support and prayers these past two weeks 😊.... love you all lots from me JJ 🐶♥️🐾 . . Follow @rottweilers0fig for best Rottweiler pictures! Source: @rottie_girl FOLLOW US @rottweiler_corner for future posts! Credit @rottweilers0fig #therottweilerworld #rottweilerbrasil #rottweilersofficial #rottweilersrule #rottweilerworldwide #rottweilerfeature #rottweiler_lover #rottweilerland #rottweilershirt #rottweilermix #rottweilerlover #rottweilerofinstagram
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