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WAKING up to This Nikka Is Highly💪 He Gets Jealous if i show my Other puppy To much love 😂trys to snap At his neck more or less 😑big Bully Ass 🤔amazing How i Dont Communicate with them through language 🗣they Chill with me hanging 🚶‍♀️But when I observe Them in thier Behaviour Thier smarter Than most HUMANSSS thats INZANE real Moments of RELATIONS 💯They Talk to me ,without talking Its All In the EYES REMEMBER THAT🐶🐕👀😍Ive owned Dogs My whole Life Its Real love Real LOYalty Always that😘 #doglover #introvertproblems #Love #rottylove #rottweilerlov #loyaltylikenoother #dogsofinstagram #rottweilers #relaxedMood #dogsandloyalty