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Can’t keep a curious girl down! Thank goodness !! My adventurous girl is doing way better than I ever imagined she would . She is working hard to make RSV an after thought- and I could not be more proud . #babyfox #firstyearproject #rsv #foxfavorite
No matter what mi papacito, I will always love you and be here for you. You've been here for almost 4 weeks and are kicking so much ass. I love being able to spend quality time with you, just you and me. You're going to be a badass growing up homie, born a fighter. You and I are destined for great things in the future. ❤️💜💛💚💙❣️💟💞💖💕💘💗😚😗😘😉😛😍 #awesomeness #mylogan #logan #rsv #mybaby #champ #fighter #BeastMode #daddysboy
The newest addition to the family. With the name being half-pint🤷🏽‍♂️😏 1990 1.6
Finally home! It was a stressful week but so grateful to all the nurses and staff and everyone who reached out to send their love to Lil Ms Kayla! We really appreciated it💕 #Pneumonia #RSV #Survivor #HomeSweetHome
One year ago today i thought I was going to lose my son again! I remember he was sick with a cold and very sleepy. I remember having breakfast and while i was eating my mommy instinct were heightene. I saw his colour change and his breathing slow down. I remember yelling for my husband to get Meya ready because we had no time to wait we needed to get to the hospital asap! (The hospital was two streets down. it was faster for us to drive) I remember running to the front door of the hospital and seeing everyone in there. When we were sat there waiting for the nurse to check him i knew i had to get help immediately i remember looking at him. He was completely gray and he stopped breathing. He looked like a corpse. I screamed my baby can't breathe and unbuckled him. We were taken in immediately. His auntie was the RN nurse i handed him to she started asking me all these questions. I felt like the worst mom. I couldn't answer a single question. I was so confused being a twin mom. Always changing diapers. Always feeding.. always giving bottles. I didn't know the answer because i didn't know who was getting what and how many. From that point on it went super fast. We though his twin sister was good enough to go with a babysitter while we stayed with Noah. Our pediatrician. Said we had to get Meya to the Abbotsford hospital because noah had RSV and she probably had it as well. Noah and I arrived to the childrens hospital by ambulance and my husband grabbed our daughter. I couldn't believe it! They were both hospitalized. However our son needed more prayers then anything because he was on his way to nicu. I remember that night it was my husband's birthday and i laided on a little lazy boy with him crying. All we wanted for his birthday was for our twins to pull through! ..... 🌱 fast forward a year. This year for his birthday my husband has the most amazing gift ever! Two healthy twins who adore him! We will be having dinner with friends and family at his favorite restauran. Laughing and celebrating together. No machine beeping because their oxygen is to low... no c-pap ... no routin check ups.. just an amazing moment to share with pur healthy children. #twinmommy
Snuggling my little man... he’s feeling pretty rough right now. Both he and his brother have RSV. It’s a ubiquitous virus, but can really do some harm in young and old populations. It’s so important to try to wash your hands while you are out and try to minimize contact with others while you are sick. For most adults this virus equates to a nasty cold. But for young children, neonates, elderly people it can be really dangerous! . . When these boys were just a few months old they were considered high risk for RSV so they actually qualified for a special immunoglobulin that helps protect against RSV infections. It meant monthly injections, but it was so worth it. This has been tough to see as both Ben and Will have been so sick this last week. Hopefully they’ll recover over the weekend and start to feel like themselves again. #rsv #coldandflu #washyourhands #twins #premature #25weekers #twinstagram #okanaganlifestyle
Exhausted. Since Monday I think I've had a grand total of about ten hours of sleep. I was hoping he'd get his oxygen removed at his follow-up appointment yesterday, but it looks like he will be on it for a few days more. They gave us an oximeter so we can see his levels for ourselves and start weaning him off of the oxygen as he gets stronger. But the darn machine beeps constantly even with his oxygen going full force. The goal is to get him to stay above 90% at all times. But with the oxygen machine going he's only at 92-93. So without it he falls right down to the 87-88 mark. When we took him in to the hospital originally he was at 77, which fell to 65 when he would lay on his back. So at least we aren't there anymore! Still. I just want him to be healthy! He hasn't had a fever in 24 hours so at least there's some good improvement there! #sickbaby #motherhood #momlife #newmom #newbaby #rsv #bronchiolitis
It was a rough night for both of us 😢... Slater has had a cough for a couple days, but around 10pm last night, he started rapidly breathing ( like 75-80 per minute)- it seemed like he was struggling to get air and totally freaked me out . I sat on the floor next to the cool mist humidifier, worried, holding him upright, and googling whether or not to take him to ER.... Ended up taking him in, and It turns out he has RSV which is a common virus but hard for infants. . They kept us overnight last night for observation and might again tonight if his breathing doesn’t slow down. ( I’m hopeful it will). I probably had about 40 minutes of sleep last night, on top of already new mom sleep deprivation so I’m definitely sleeping while the baby sleeps today on my little hospital cot. I known he will be fine, just don’t like seeing my tiny baby struggling to breath or in any pain. Thanks for all your texts and messages 😘 #RSV #infantRSV