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Locking eyes with a 200 lb female mountain gorilla in Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. After seeing these gorillas in the wild eating, caring for their young, playing games, and problem solving, it is no surprise that we share more than 97% of our genetic code with them. What an amazing experience with @stacey_o_203! Of course gotta show some love to the best agent who always hooks it up @jetawayguru and to the most fly man in Rwanda who took us under his wing @henry_4_christ! #gorillatrekking #bwindi #mountaingorilla #uganda #rwanda #eyetoeye #nikonp900
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#MiTravelIngiro 🇺🇸USA - Bronx The Bronx Zoo is world-renowned for its large and diverse animal collection, and its award-winning exhibitions. Open year-round the Congo Gorilla Forest is the perfect place to see our closest relatives in the wild and that’s pretty clear watching the zoo Gorillas! From cautious to playful to nurturing, each has a unique personality. It's always a thrill to see them interact. 🌿🐵🍌
Carla Del Ponte former Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals. A former Swiss attorney general, she was appointed prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in 1999, replacing Louise Arbour. #carladelponte #prosecutor #uno #unitednations #icty #ictr #formeryugoslavia #rwanda #ruanda #jugoslavien #illustration #illustrazione #illustratie #illustragram #portrait #drawing #investigatingmagistrate
Why should BWT not empower #farmers ? it wouldn't make sense the fish farming #Business is a good venture and can be done backyard or at commercial level Definition What is fish farming?🎏 #Fish farms or fish farming is a form of aquaculture. The act of fish farming is about raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures for human consumption. It is the principal form of #aquaculture, while other methods may fall under Mari culture. A facility that releases juvenile fish into the wild for recreational fishing or to supplement a species' natural numbers is generally referred to as a fish hatchery. A farm can be built on land or over naturally occurring bodies of water, such as off of an ocean shore. Within the body of water, a wide variety of fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants can be raised. Every year, such farms throughout the #world produce over 65 million tons (59 million MT) of many varieties of sea life for harvesting. #China was the cradle of the beginning of aquaculture utilizing mainly the common carp (Cyprinus carpio). It is said that aquaculture as a husbandry developed in resulting from the fact that population started to have a settled condition and has been kept as an unbroken tradition. The Chinese people who were then at the time very much engrossed in fish #culture as a source of #food and livelihood, looked for other species of fish for pond culture. There are different types of fish farms that utilize different aquaculture methods #Egypt , #Kenya and #Malawi have the earliest recorded history of fish farming in eastern #Africa dating back to the beginning of the century. Between 1940 and 1960 aquaculture started in #Rwanda , #Uganda #Zambia , #Zimbabwe and #Tanzania in that order. Overall, Egypt is the leader in aquaculture development in the region with an estimated annual production of 24000t (1982), followed by Zambia, 1680t (1967), then Kenya, 1085t (1985). The main aquaculture systems in practice are: monoculture, polyculture, using tilapia as the main species, mono or polyculture of tilapia with animal husbandry and rice-cum-fish culture.
Oxpeckers usually work their way around an animal looking for ticks and insects, but this one just perched and hitched a ride.