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The scale seems to be very hated in the diet world lately. While some may find the scale discouraging, studies have shown that people who weigh themselves every day are less likely to gain weight after a diet than those who only weigh once a month or less. This is because weighing more frequently allows you to notify an increase on the scale and be able to recognize habits around that weigh in being able to u-turn them to avoid an increase. While those you dont weigh often at all are unaware of what their actions are doing, and therefore are unable to reverse the negative effects. With that being said, here are some NON-SCALE victories everyone should feel great about!
Zero point Turkey Chili on a half baked potato 🥔 and no that's not mayo. Its nonfat yogurt ranch. Total 5sp for the potato
My two favorite aerials 😜 wouldn’t this be awesome on the beam!
Making a few metallic prints for friends and family this year for the holidays and may have gotten a little carried away with high magnification of butterfly scales. Let me know which one is your favorite! Some info: #1: the structurally colored green scales of Papilio palinurus, the emerald swallowtail. Native to Southeast Asia, its incredible scales contain nano-sized circular dimples. You may notice some shades of yellow and blue around these little circular structures and indeed that’s the magic. The shape and depth of the dimples reflects yellow+blue wavelengths of light, thus producing a strong structural green color .. #2 and #3 are different regions on the wing of the Sunset moth (Chrysiridia). It’s honestly one of the most beautiful moths in the world IMO. The scales look like ribbons, and I believe get their structural color - from gold to green to blue - from multilayer interference .. #4 is a #Morpho because, you know, they’re just like the most dazzling blue butterflies out there. I wish light microscopy had enough resolution to see their little “Christmas tree”-like nanostructures that produce the blue wavelength, I almost feel like this doesn’t do them justice! #5 finally is a more macro view of the painted lady butterfly. Endemic to the US, they might not get as much attention as the flashy green and blue Lepidoptera, but I love their wing patterns. It reminds me of a crazy rug you’d find in the closet of your eccentric uncle. That’s all at the moment but with over 200,000 species of butterflies and moths out there, you can bet this isn’t the final portfolio #structural #color #nano #iridescent #butterflies #moths #scale #wings #pattern #colorful #rainbow #microscope #microscopy #micro #print #butterfliesofinstagram #art #sciart
Went back to Yosemite this weekend really just for the hell of it because I love it so much, I still can't hike so I just explored little parts of the valley I haven't seen before while my friend @nickwlm did a very intense hike. I've been coming here every month since August, and it's been awesome seeing the seasons change in this amazing place. Can't wait to see it covered in snow in January!
Does this machine define you???? Does it make you feel good or bad?? Does it give you anxiety?? Does it weigh heavy on your shoulders?? . . It used to upset me, be the hardest part of my journey, and embarrass me. It used to be something I would take off my shoes, my necklaces, my sweater, literally anything that would add an extra ounce.... BECAUSE I THOUGHT That the number on that scale defined me. 💣 #truthbomb THE NUMBER SAYS NOTHING ABOUT Who you are How hard you are working What chaper you are on in your journey The successes you had through the week The number of lives you changed . . Dont let this define your NSV (non-scale victories) they are the most important. The scale doesnt say hey.. those pants are too big, or hey you were able to climb those stairs today.. or hey. You smiled at yourself today!!. or you are beautiful!!!! ❤ This is what mine said today. It doesnt define how far I have come or what I can do now!!! . #nsv #workingmom #fitish #postpartumfitness #positivevibes #scale #weightlossjourney #momof1 #almost30 #losinginches #nevermissamonday #1yeartransformation #hotmessmom #balancelife