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Long ago I declared the middle of our king-sized bed “my side” and he still lets me get away with it over 5 years later. #score
Can’t believe high school football is wrapping thing you know it’ll be thanksgiving and Christmas, and then 3 solid months of snow and ice⛄️. Which also means 3 months of hot cocoa and snuggling under 20 blankets. Does anyone else like the fall/winter?? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
Won't Stop! trainung with the big boys 😁 #ballin
Man vs Bots 🔥💧 Double tap and tag a friend
==> DM to 5 friends and tag them! Follow us @volley.power Photo by 📷: @p_asse
Em semifinal corrida no Avelar, Pérolas empata com o Nova Cidade, e busca uma vitória simples no jogo de volta, para conquistar o acesso à Série B do Campeonato Carioca. #soccer #score #futebol #perolas #football