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Reality check . . . This is for all the ladies in this world who think the woman on Instagram are perfect and unflawed, I fall prey to this myself, but the reality is, we are all flawed, we all get pimples (PMS sucks) we all wake up with messy hair, we all look less than fabulous on an average day . . . I spend 5 days out of a week in yoga clothes, messy bun and no make up, do I care ... Not one tiny bit, do I care what anyone else thinks... Oh hell no . . . I am beautiful in all my unedited glory just as I am hair all done and make up on point, but damn that takes effort and who wants to waste all their time ensuring they look Instagram worthy 24/7?! Certainly not me! . . . I think something shifts when you hit 30 and you really truly start to love yourself in all your perfectly flawed beauty, my fine lines are telling my story, the softness in my body, my stretch marks all of it tells the beautiful story of the journey ive embarked on in the last 30years and if that isn't enough I have a husband who wakes up next to my toothpaste messy haired self and kisses me and says good morning beautiful and that is something special, even more special than being told you look beautiful when you are all made up . . . Today if you do one thing stand in your mirror in all your natural glory and tell yourself how beautiful you are and what you love about yourself and then go out into the world and tell another sister how beautiful she is . . . Life is more than perfect make up and hair and filtered photographs . . . #beyourself #youarebeautiful #empowerupliftmotivate #nofilter #rawandunfiltered #selflove #intentionalliving #nonairbrushedme
I told myself I would say yes to every possible opportunity that will lead me to personal or business growth, now I’ve got two huge events booked in Sydney and the Gold Coast in October! So many exciting things happening 💫🙊🙌🏼
Visite de Dunkerque : fait J’ai même testé la bonne mer du nord, et on va pas se mentir c’est glacé. Aujourd’hui direction Bruxelles
Healthy skin is beautiful skin and this product will repair damage and maintain skin health for long-term benefits rather than the short-term. It is also naturally free of artificial fragrance and colour. 💛
A lovely little reminder from one of our 10 Day Anxiety Challenge members! Thanks Anne 😘