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drawin #fortnite skins 🤓 the Leviathan 🐠 * 🎨: by me
Sometimes I wonder how to find my own happiness? What's the definition of true genuine happiness? Then I found the answer when I met him, I found it through his expression, face, and personality He might not be as behaved, polite, and acted normally as the other kids... He simply showed me how to be yourself and how to life live to its fullest, how to smile to every hard questions and moments, how to simply answer questions with a big smile and didn't expect to be right. I learned to get my own happiness from him, how to smile everyday, how to genuinely smiling and be happy.. I miss this kiddo! :') #throwback #lessonlearned
I am not a bright red rose full of romance I am just a plain old dandelion full of wishes ✨
↓ ↓ ↓ не тяни за нить. путаницы развязываются долго и ты должен быть внимателен. иначе, сделаешь только хуже. не смей резать, сдавшись раньше времени. #np nct u — yestoday #art #selfportrait #watercolors #originalcharacter