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Details of “jam making” by our newest member artist, Marjorie Turnbull. Her beautiful work will be in the shop Saturday February 24. Drop by and say hello. #shoplocal #blackberrygiftshop
A custom soap order is on the rack ready to be wrapped up with love! We do custom and wholesale orders for businesses, weddings, baby showers & various other events where you get to pick your scent & color scheme from any of the existing fragrances we currently have! And trust me there are loads of possibilities! You can inquire about custom orders ($250 minimum requirement) preferably by Emailing: burlapandtwine . . #vegan #hamilton #hamont #jsn #jamesstnorth #crueltyfree #supportlocal #shoplocal #handmade #beauty #skincare #natural #fresh #burlapandtwine #skin #gourmet #soap #body #canadian #ontario #love #locallove #spaday #treatyoself
"As soon as I got to the studio and started talking with @kelsey_dickson while she did my make-up I felt a lot better. Kelsey did such a bomb job on my make-up. Honestly. I just need to take a minute to tell you all how amazing it was. She put my make-up on at 10am and it lasted through the shoot, a full shift of work, and a night of dancing. I didn’t even have to re-glue my eyelashes. I got so many compliments on my make-up it was actually insane"-  @hayleysunshine
#Strawberries on the run Shane Halloran has returned from a well deserved holiday - even farmers need them. His delicious Albion strawberries will be back at Food Connect for Wk 9. These are high flying berries grown in troughs above ground and fertigated with Shane's special mixture than would put the nutrition in your morning smoothie to shame. And Shane's tip for keeping grass edges under control - mow then spray with vinegar. No Roundup here!