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Here is the #parttwo of my #earlier #blogpost - this is just a #sidenote or a #rant really. #people feel the need to make sure I start #dating again and can’t accept that I’m #asexual and #agender - this #post discusses what asexual and agender mean to me and #why I have no need or desire to date ever again and that if I do date it will only be in #spiritform in the #spiritrealm and definitely not with a physical being. Side note: does being agender and asexual mean I’m part of #lgbtq ?? ::: #doyou and #behappy —- my #blog is
One year ago today I closed on my house 🔑🏠 what a year it has been. #homeowner
Go on YouTube and fuck with ya boy on SideNotes,and wait for "TalesOfTheOracle". #SB4L #SideNote #TOTO
Part 1 - When I hear #nickiminaj #shanghi I get that song on a level in which she probably wrote it. When she says -‘On the real nigga/Im a real nigga/I run around with them real niggas/Got real sons/I need a real sitter/When I leave niggas/They get real bitter.’ I feel that shit in the very core of my #soul . I’m seeing a pattern in my writing in that, I feel compelled to write when I’ve mastered the life lesson. It’s my way of releasing the downloaded information. I’m always surprised who reaches out after one of my #lifeposts. I don’t #write for any other reason but to get the information out of my spirit but to also document it in case I ever a #bestseller. People who have shit really together in my eyes, find something I’ve said relatable and reach out. It shocks me every time. This #lesson has to do with #friendship. The lesson started off with me going through 8 months of #malemicroaggression. #Sidenote - It’s ironic watching the #metoo movement because people who knew what was happening to me and stood idly by without saying a #word are now collectively sounding out against the same person and have asked for my help. I’m still #thinking about helping. Anyway #malemicroaggression - You know the kind...their rules seem to change ever so slightly so that daily you slowly feel that everything you thought you knew is suddenly questioned; you feel incompetent and slightly crazy. The tiniest infractions, while plausible for any working human, now are the topic of write ups and coaching memos (wait! I’m being written up for forgetting to cc someone that you asked me to cc months ago on a totally separate chain but now this is an undocumented ‘thing’)...I digress. It wasn’t that I solved the problem, although he and I very rarely cross paths these days. Or even that I spoke out, as scary as that was. What I learned going through 8 months of mental chess and, at one point finally breaking my silence because it was either raise my hand and tell or no longer be on this earth by committing #suicide, is that I have a total of 6 people who are truly my friends. I think maybe 2 have met. They definitely know about each other.
Take your pick and make it a sparkly week 😉 . . #sidenote My flow is badass no?! 😂😩🙈 . . Available to order. The shoes that is, not my lame rhymes 😔
"All i can say is that i really looove working with this #Woman that god literally created for us to bond one day, all we needed was time and trust we'll have more moments soon enough to explore together"☡ #SideNote 📩 I still need my bath scene! 😌😍💖 #WomanEmpowernent #Music #Collabs #Model #BossBitch 👀👑🌍😌😍👌 #BAMT
Spent #EARTHday with my favs. Truth be told, I can’t sing for shit. But I can hand out hymnals like a MF. And I can march and dance like no other! There’s a place for us all in the revolution. 💕💕💕 Happy Earth Day. ☘️☘️🍀🍃 #sidenote: been singing *Rich Girl* for 6 straight hours. . . . . #marchforourlives #richgirl #singoutlouise #singoutloud #activist #staywoke #gaysagainstguns #fucktrump #fucktheNRA #guncontrolNOW #marchforourlives #womensmarch #imwithher #plannedparenthood #singoutlouise #votethemout #blesdingblue #activism #dems4change
“Art enables us to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton What’s your ARTISTRY?