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omg THE duo of all duos tbfh ♡🙏🏼 ( ariana’s dimple im : crying ) they both look sooo beautiful wow. they did not come to play. @joangrande ( glad to see you looking a lot happier now that you’re back in black...not grey 🙊 ) okay hi a few things i just wanna mention : ariana’s eye makeup, ariana’s outfit, her gloves, the gems, the boots, HER SMILE, her dimple, her LAVENDER hair ( 2014iana is SHAKING ) she’s so damn cute my heart hurts. @arianagrande i hope you’re taking the best care of my heart ♡ it’s safest n at its happiest wit chuuuu 🙈 you have really blossomed into such an independent, hard working, strong beautiful woman, ( you always have been but ESPECIALLY in da last n a half ) i couldn’t be prouder ♡
let me clear up something. in this account i support women environment and idc if yall dont like it. unfollow me okay idrc. and if you are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or anything like that, im sorry sweetie but you are not welcomed on my account! i post whatever i want from rihanna to kehlani. its my account and if you dont like unfollow pls. idc about like or followers. im here to support. thanks 💜