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LONG POST ALERT 🗺 On this Friday morning I am reflecting ☕️ on when I stopped dreaming! In my 20’s, I had so many dreams, things I wanted to do in life and this map I have kept in my apartment reminds me of how finances got in the way! 🚫 You see, I LOVE to travel and LOVED seeing the world from my car! 🚙 This map I have used to highlight every road I have driven! But you can visibly see that I stopped! Why?? Because to live in this world costs money 💰 💰 and after 8 years of school and 3 degrees, I didn’t get more money, but was saddled with debt! 💉 Life sucking Debt that required me to often work 3 jobs just to stay afloat! But at the end of every month I would have to pull out another Credit Card just for groceries!! Then more debt, more work, tired 😴, stressed 😩, and often just angry 😤 at the world that lied to me! That told me if I got an education and worked hard, ALL my dreams can come true!! 💃 But this maps sits, reminding me of when I lost my mojo!! So, am I a skincare junkie? NO‼️ Am I a SALESPERSON? Absolutely NOT‼️ But when I accidentally fell into this business, I discovered my ability to dream again 💭 🌎! I discovered that there are others who had given up on dreams and this business has been the biggest GIFT and so I obnoxiously share it‼️‼️ How would this world change if people could actually make their dreams come true🌸. When people ask me who would be good at this, I say, ANYBODY who WANTS to make your DREAMS come true‼️‼️‼️. Because Dream COST money 💴 and that is the truth!! If you want to hear more, meet me for coffee in the morning at farmers Fresh at 9:00 am!! Or call and schedule a FaceTime! But what if........ ☕️🌸💕🗺 . . . . . #rfjourney #rodanandfields #skincare #financialfreedom #entrepeneur #womenover50 #teaminspiration #bebold #daretodream #whatif #sidehustle #motivation #dream #mentor #success #rflexus #bossbabe #dare2018 #socialcommerce #instagrammers #instagood #singlelife #businessredefined #ownyour24 #workfromhome #meetnewpeople #friends #businesspartners #goals
When it says your whole life in a post...martini for one
FELLAS: A quick recap before the weekend 1. If a woman dresses or looks a certain way it DOES NOT give you the right to touch her! You can say, look, etc... but come on do we not see these sexual harassment lawsuits out there??? I do not dress or work hard for any of you randoms... guess what I do it for myself!!!!! Like we all should be doing!!! RESPECT PPL! 2. Ask a girl on a date!!! You would know if I lived by myself or not if you actually really tried to get to know me. We all NEED to do better. The single life is hard enough.... 3. Also I'm 32 years old. Shocking I know but if you're under 30 keep it moving!!!!! Side note I shouldn't have to explain or say any of this!!!! It's common knowledge, well it should be!!!! #preachingonafriday #weekend #comeon #respectothers #timesup #mua #yogini #freespirit #mybody #singlelife #fitchick #fitcurvy #workhard #trainhard #fitlife #instagood #smh #Friday #tgif #dobetter #lifeisgood #cleaneats #healthylife #selfie #queen #ihavestandards #beingreal
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Relationship status ➟ sleeping in bed diagonally on my dogs ass 🙄
I'm just going to sit here in my onesie, eat Cheetos & watch Netflix like a proper adult
Someone please bring me some street meat okay cool awesome thaaaanks 😋🌭
In desperate need of an exorcism 💥
I am the devil. And don't you forget it 😈