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If you're having a bad day, focus on the small and beautiful details around you. You'd be surprised at how quickly you can reset your whole day!
[[Cherish. Reflect. Be.]] So many moments are wasted with overthinking and worrying about what’s to come, that the present moment is so often missed. I told myself I would focus on being more present. In my flows.. Focusing, breathing, being. In my stretches and poses. When I’m with my husband and fur babies. The list is endless. I challenge you to do the same. Really take in every second of this extravagant life. These moments are far too wonderful to miss. 🌻 #Nostalgia #Practice #PositiveVibes #BePresent #Flow #Balance #GoddessPose #Inversions #ForearmStands #MyPractice #YogiLife #JustBe #LoveYourself #SlowDown #Breathe #Namaste
»Es sieht so aus, als wollten wir alle, oder zumindest sehr viele von uns, gerne zu etwas Ursprünglichem und Authentischem zurückkehren — um Ruhe zu finden. Um eine kleine und ruhige Alternative zur Hektik zu erfahren. … All dies ist kein Trend oder eine neue Mode, sondern spiegelt ein tiefes menschliches Bedürfnis wider, davon bin ich überzeugt.« Buchtipp: Stille — Ein Wegweiser, Erling Kagge . #stille #entschleunigung #slowdown #selfreflection #nordicwayoflife #buchtipp #bookstagram #kaggeforlag #erlingkagge #inselverlag #stillhetistøyenstid
How is your family slowing down this weekend to enjoy this gorgeous day?? Throw on the snowsuit & get out there, it’s a beauty!
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Feeling the power of LOVE today. Fighting as one, united people is the only path to change and a better and brighter future. Always stronger together 💪. 📷 via @sezane. #womensmarch #togetherwecan
Stop and relax a little this weekend! 🥂🍦😪 This stop sign is down the road from my parent's house in Sarasota. I wish I could bring it home 😍🚸 It's got so much character.
#latergram 😂 snow angels in last weekends snow!!! Love these moments- pure happiness and being present ❤️❤️❤️
Thank goodness for generous friends with sourdough starters (you’re the best, @sandwich_turtle + @elephant_talk!). I make a lot of different types of bread, but sourdough will be a new venture. I can already smell it as I pull it from the oven. ✨ • Also, thank goodness for this most perfect quilted winter robe, found at @tinyspace.rva. 💛
I’ve been MIA for a while recalibrating a few things in my life...the most important being the energy and time I give to my family. It’s so easy to get caught up in work, to do lists and community that I sometimes forget that my most important project is my family. Here’s a little reminder for all of us to spend some focused quality time with your loved ones this weekend. Allow yourself to let go, PLAY and connect. Happy weekend! ❤️
It always strikes me as kind of funny that the popular lecture for people my age is on the importance of taking time out of our fast-paced lifestyles to slow down and breathe. Folks, look at where I live. I don't need any reminders.