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I AM WE ARE ALWAYS DIVINELY GUIDED💫 This is my truth and so it is! I have had a very big wake up call this week! When we dont listen to our bodies or messages, the universe steps in.. You could say I had a universal intervention!!!!! 🤓🌏💫 So the last few weeks I have heard soft whispers telling me to SLOOOOOOW DOWN!!😇 I kept saying “ Ok I will just after I do THIS, and THAT!!”.. but I never did!!! So the amazing universe stepped in!!! And I fell right in my head after playing with my family, and had concussion.. Has been a nice thing to experience but am deeply grateful for the blessings that unfolded. And I am 👌🏽 ok! A big wake up call for me, and I had to slow down I had no choice!! And now I have slowed down, I feel and see clearly. All is in perfect order and I am Divinely Guided...Just low the universal law and how it works! My feet are planted deeply within the earth, I am one with all and all with one as I slow down, everything falls gently into place. #universallaw #goldcoast #coomera #slowdown #groundyourself #time #Ihaveplenty #yoga #meditation #healing #iamdivinelyguided #lawofattraction #iamhealinggifts #iam #grateful #nomoreconcussions #thankyou 😝
The final episode in my WHY series...🏃‍♀️ It's officially sniffle season 🤧🤒 I thought it fitting to chat about another reason you may not be shifting numbers in weight and're IGNORING REST⏰ Taking time off is so important! Even the world's best athletes struggle with this🏆 #DIDYOUKNOW chronic training can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body 😨 which is known to prevent weight loss 😨 especially around the midsection?! 😨😫 If you're not feeling the best or still trying to bounce back from illness - taking a day (or several if you can) can keep hormone levels in check 📉✔ Has the dreaded lurgy monster gotten to you yet? 🤧🤒
This weekend was all about family, friends, and just the flow of life. For the most part it was a good flow but it had a big bump too... . I slept in one morning till 6😂, worked out with my SATURDAY morning gals that inspire me so much, I had coffee and played jail break with my son, I read books and cuddled with all the stuffed animals and my littlest, had a fun swimming date with a client and friend, got to visit another clients amazing winery and be guests in there home with my boys running around and enjoying every moment! I also got some amazing time with my hubby but I’m realizing that though this season is Chaos and our littles are all consuming - I need to have more time to connect with just the two of us...💕 . My hubby and I also had a long- hard - talk about our phones and how we are always on them and social media....when it’s time to just stop and be present and enjoy the moment without taking a picture to post so I switched off for a while. I needed to do so...Do you get that? . Yes, I will still be posting but I know that there is a definitely a time to just BE FULLY PRESENT. And my family always comes first! . We are more addicted to our phones than ever before (and I do get that it’s weird that I’m writing this while on my phone!🤦‍♀️🤔). But though social media can have a really negative influence on our lives- it’s also made an enormously positive one for me...and I’m banking on being that positive force for others!!! ❤️😉 . I’d love to hear how your family deals with phones and boundaries.... . We all need to start talking about it - don’t you think? 🤔 this post totally went in a direction you weren’t expecting right? My mind right now🤦‍♀️
I can’t believe three years ago this was my baby!!! How on earth is he getting so big so fast?? Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy!!
I never knew what it meant to love someone so deeply, until I brought you into this world and knew from the first time I saw you, that I would live my life for you and gladly give mine up to protect you. I didnt know then that watching you growing up would be so awesome and so scary at the same time because the time is passing way too fast... #myson #myworld #slowdown #dontgrowuptoofast #proudmom #youllalwaysbemybaby
Redid the boys rooms...halfway there. Cleaned. Art hung. Just need to touch up paint and get bedding and a headboard for Ian. Still a good and fresh start for growing boys. #slowdown #growinguptoofast #boymom
This was talking about the idea of modern locomotive like trains at the turn of last century and how they warped time and how it made time a Thing™ more than ever because when some people wanted to go fast they inevitably wanted to go faster. Then there's slowness, which the author proposes is a contemporary practice that involves observing through layers of time and history by gazing, observing, and perceiving. Slow modernism, as I understand it, is a way to employ slowness among the speed-based societal structure that we generally live in today. I don't know what this means in a practical sense, but maybe this is just a mindset from which practical, real-world results come. I read very little of this book tbh, not out of lack of interest... but it got me to continue thinking about some general ideas. #slowdown #doit #onslowness #slowmodern #reading
Yosemite 🗻
The universe amazes me...this morning I drove home from LA and watched the sun rise over the Central Valley mountains. Tonight I’m in awe of the beauty of a new crescent moon. Take the time to look up. Slow down. Notice the nature around you. Tap into your awe. It’s always there. You just have to set the intention to be aware of what’s around you 🙏🏻✨🌞🌙💫 #sunrise #sunset #newmoon #awareness
Take time. Balance, breathe, let it go. Life is happening so fast, sometimes we need to hit the reset button and take a minute to slow down. 🌿 I have been preparing for a road trip and week long vacation, and I’ve got so caught up in preparing and packing that I forgot to enjoy the process. Can anyone relate? 🌿 Sometimes we just have to stop ourselves from getting so caught up in everything that we forget to enjoy life as it’s happening NOW! Where ever you are righty now, be grateful and trust the process. The universe knows what’s up man. 🖖🏼 #thankyouuniverse #yoga #nature #mountains #roadtrip #summer #labradoodle #puppyyoga #vegan #balance #recenter #meditate #slowdown #now #thepowerofnow #motherearth #gratitude