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¡LA MEJOR MANERA DE LUCIR TU HOT TOYS! Display desarmable, ligero, fácil de limpiar FANBOX LEGEND, lo que tu figura merece. #SmartCollector #Protege #Exhibe 😎🤠
Get your art now, PAY LATER! Thats right, we now have afterpay available online. You can now buy original artworks, artists prints, and more without breaking the bank. No signups, just use your regular old debit or credit card. Time to get shopping!
A little late but here is the $50 Pokémon let's go Eevee that I bought from Best Buy by price matching the Target clearance price haha. I only spent a little over $100 for both bundles beginning with Pikachu when it released. #gamingatabudget #cheapassgamer #smartcollector
Pocas cosas me hacen tan feliz como el arte, especialmente descubrir nuevos artistas que me encanten :) Para esta pieza de #eglezvirblyte i picked a yellow frame to go all out ! Never fear color when it comes to framing. #newbaby #smArtcollector
New Book Review From Chicago Tribune "Smart Collector" Columnist, Danielle Arnet: “Selling Dead People’s Things” by Duane Scott Cerny is a softcover, offbeat and often outrageous memoir of a life lived on the hunt for vintage merchandise. Once a kid enthralled with old objects, Cerny grew up to own a multi-story antique market. Not a how-to and never dull, his text sneaks lessons as it entertains. He even tells all on celebrity buyers. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Broadway Antique Market. Check out his blog at “ #bamchicago #antiques #antiquecollector #vintageretro #memoir #chicagohistory #antique #antiquedealers #smartcollector #chicagotribune #chicago #broadwayantiquemarket #brickandmortar #amazon #amazonbooks #amazonbestseller
Forgery alert 🚨 This 27th Print hardcover Philosopher’s Stone sold a few months ago, but was thankfully returned to seller (penguinbooks at the time) when the buyers were informed that their newest signature was in fact a fraud. Now it’s up for sale by (what looks to be) a different seller. It’s been reported at least once to eBay, but sadly, it may still sell, I just hope not to any one of you guys 💚 ✨ #harrypotter #smartcollector #forgery #alert #potterhead #dontbuy
THE SMART COLLECTOR: Top-notch Philippe Patek brings $227,000 at auction WHAT: When a 9-year-old wristwatch sells for $227,000 in competitive bidding at auction, it has to be special. In a recent $3.6 million Antiquorum sale of fine timepieces and jewelry, a Patek Philippe Ref. 5971 proved why it is “top of the market,” as the house put it. For starters, the watch has more complications than Bayer has aspirin. Begin with a perpetual calendar and a square button chronograph, then add 24-hour indication, moon phases and a tachometer. Read more: #antiquorum #luxury #patekphilippe #perpetualcalendar #platinum #baguetttediamondbezel #timepieces #hautehorolgy #moonphases #smartcollector