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Some highlights from In the Vanguard: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, 1950-1969 @portlandmuseum Big congrats to co-curators @rachaelcurator and @djg205 for this comprehensive look into @haystack_school and the radical arts and crafts counter culture it helped create in the Maine woods. Images 1. Ruben Eshkanian 2. Photo of Haystack weaving class from archive 3. Robert Broner tin can print 4. Robert Arneson Ceramic with nail polish 5. Annie Albers 6. Dorian Zachai #inthevanguard #outsiders #artandcraft #textile #ceramics #maine #pma #smartcurator
Another day of art in NYC, after panels and good conversations at #aamcnyc19 Thank you curator colleagues! . . . Sheila Hicks at Demisch Danant Vivian Suter at Gladstone Gallery Roger Brown, c.1968 at MAD Jennifer Bartlett, 1975-76 at MoMA Eszter Haraszty, c. 1951 and Donald Knorr, 1948 at MoMA Lina Bo Bardi, 1951 at MoMA . . . The Roger Brown show at MAD is wild. @shannonraestratton #smartcurator
Frida...but so much more. . So proud of colleague #laylabermeo for her @mfaboston exhibition on #FridaKahlo & #Artepopular. The exhibition goes beyond the signature self/portraits to delve into the context of the issues of politics, class, representation & gender of artists circling the icon. . 1. Drawing from folk traditions of still life and a sweep of nationalism, Kahlo’s “Weeping Coconuts,” 1951 (in the @Lacma collection) was so surreally disturbing, it may have prompted the original patron to remove their name from the 🇲🇽 flag that reads “painted with great affection, Frida Kahlo.” . Space in the show was also given to Frida’s compatriates and fellow female painters: 2-3: her friend #RosaRolanda featured Frida as a child’s favorite play friend in “Girl with Doll,” 1943 ( @coleccionblaisten) while 4-7. the brilliant #MariaIzquierdo painted “Cupboard,” 1947 ( @coleccionblaisten) with craft objects like those collected in the day, such as the horse piggybank from Frida’s own collection. 8-10. Bermeo also included Frida’s tiny paintings on metal in the #exvoto tradition, including on tin “Girl with a Death Mask (She Plays Alone),” 1938 ( #nagoyacityartmuseum) next to an actual jaguar mask and her most famous painting “My Grandparents, My Parents, and I (Family Tree),” 1936 ( @themuseumofmodernart ) which redefines the votive tradition on her own terms. . #FridaReframed #SmartCurator #Womenartists #BiggerPicture #Bostonarts
Beautiful Fog x FLO in Boston’s Emerald Necklace, installation by artist Fujiko Nakaya and #smartcurator @jenmergel
Today at the Rose Art Museum: detail from protest poster in Blueprint for Counter Education. #smartcurator
"Bob Rauschenberg in Birdo," 1973, by Öyvind Fahlström. I'm so glad I caught Rauschenberg Among Friends at MoMA before it closed. Thank you @leah_dickerman for your smart work. #smartcurator
John O'Reilly, Of Cavafy-Ring Bearer, 2008. Excellent exhibition of O'Reilly's work at the Worcester Art Museum. #smartcurator
"Concrete Cloud over Chicago," 1970 by Wolf Vostell, on view at the Smart Museum of Art. Excellent exhibition organized by Christine Mehring. #smartcurator #christinemehring