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On god, last night I cried ten times looking at - I’ve never had a person mean so much to me. The fact that you exist in my life at all makes me so happy. I hope I’ve taught you as much about life and love as you have me. When I look at your face I get overwhelmed with the feelings of “I can’t believe this is my life” and “how did I get so lucky.” Last night when I fell asleep with you on call beside me, I was again reminded of how unmistakably glad I am to be alive. The elements to my life that you have brought are insane, I can’t believe we are out here living this life. I can’t believe all of the unexplained, all of the stuff that’s happened and shared between us that happens to be beyond words. There has to be some way you understand the insane amount of gratitude I have towards you. When I was laughing so hard at you calling me a loser, all I could choke out was “you’re right” (you are)- I felt my chest expand and it was like life had just swooped down into the normally empty crevice of my rib cage. I sat back stunned at how alive I felt- I felt the presence of the divine in that room, I felt the genuine enjoyment of being alive. You bring so much to this human experience that it’s so hard to keep track of. The way you ground me and bring me back into my body will never fail to amaze me. I hope we fall asleep on call again so I can fall asleep to your audible breathing and sleepy mumbles. I am still 100% in and for you.
Watch the oa. You won’t regret it.
Please go vote on @paylayeroyale ‘s story!!! Each vote is appreciated and all that. Love you all, keep yourselves alive, all that gay stuff 🙂
I’m slowly becoming a fan account cuz lately she’s been lighting up my whole fuckin world. deals with my stupid sleepy self. It means the absolute world. She makes me giggle and all that.
Only OGs remember