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No.19- DU BIST TOLL! 💕 Selbstliebe-Adventskalender 2018 . 👉 WOFÜR BIST DU DANKBAR! Dankbarkeit hat eine so wundervolle Kraft uns glücklich zu machen. Sie erinnert uns an das, was wir können und was wir haben, an unsere Möglichkeiten und Werte, mit ihr können wir „Berge“ versetzten! Dankbarkeit ist so cool! . Danke liebe Dankbarkeit, wie schön, dass es Dich gibt! . DU BIST TOLL! Lebe Deine Einzigartigkeit – Du bist ein Geschenk. . Ich wünsche Dir einen wundervollen und dankbaren Tag mit Dir! 😘 Alles Liebe - Deine Annett 💕 . _____ Follow @souldirectorsclub Tag # _____ . #mindset #achtsamkeit #wertschätzung #selbstliebe #selbstbewusstsein #persönlichkeitsentwicklung #businessfrau #erfolgreich #frau #selbstständig #lebedeinleben #lebensweisheit #zitat #glücklich #ankommenimleben #besserleben #annett.burmester #lebensfreude #dankbarkeit #freisein #glücklichsein #persönlichkeit #spirituality #soul #soul2soul #selbstwert #diekunstdeindingzumachen #adventskalender
Just announced: @iam_carterjames will be releasing a Christmas EP on SoundCloud this Friday. We can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Stay up with new releases and upcoming news by following us at or on our Facebook Page.
I’ve been sitting with this idea lately of creating a dance between action and patience. Action in terms of when to really be proactive (whether in terms of a career or relationships) and patience in terms of knowing when we’re in alignment with where the Universe wants us and waiting if need be. I’ve learned that when we’re in alignment or on the correct path, things just flow and nothing has to be forced but when we’re trying to push or cajole things into existence that aren’t situations or people that have been chosen for us, the doors just don’t open. Want the extended version of this post? Just pop your email address in this link for my monthly newsletter which includes all things yoga, wellness and music! Next one drops on Thursday 💗
I have waited long for you. Yes I'm tired. But I'm still in hope that you will turn up. I remember those days when we used to cuddle lot. And for you and for your soul, I was the one. Now I can see. You are not you nor your soul is yours. You hurted me and now the soul of yours is hurting you. I'm damn sure you don't know the reason. Let me tell you. I loved you and your soul and I accepted you in me so your soul. I told you once your soul is mine. But you ignored. Now you can feel. I'm hurt so does your soul. They are connected now. Now one can come in between. I'm just waiting for you. And I know one day your mind will ask for me too as your soul do. Take your time but so as much that I'll leave this material life of mine. ILOVEYOU AND I WILL ALWAYS DO.. Do show me up if I turn a back on you. I just want to attention. #desperate #loved #soul2soul @youandme #instagram
This year is almost over... take a moment to remember how Blessed you are. No matter what life throws at you. You are always surrounded by #cosmicconsciousness energies that guide, love, protect and support you. Which you can call #spiritguides #angels or #animalspirits or #deceasedlovedones you are never alone. Helping you with life's lessons. . . . . . . #blessedbeyondmeasure #blessingsfromabove #spiritualsoul #remember #grateful🙏 #thanks #instagood #instaquotesdaily #instagram #spiritualthoughts #ithankmyangels #ascendedmasters #soul2soul #souljourney #spiritualawakenings