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You are here, now for a reason- own it! #letgoandgrow ____ 🌻💗🌿
Good morning lovelies!! After a night outside of my sacred space, my hermit crab shell, I re-realized how sticky energies are and how important it is for us to be consciously aware of our own. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ So, I’m currently soaking in a salt bath with tea-infused water and crystals....clearing my energy. Talk about an energetic hangover!! (...better than the actual post-St Patty’s Day hangovers that others are nursing). ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️But, I digress to remind you to check in with yourself because your ability to stay grounded is imperative if you’re an intuitive-empath! #spiritualawakening #ascension #spirituality #spiritual #twinflame #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #energyhealing #saltbath #empath #intuitive
Day 18 of #marchmindfulness hosted by @moonchild.mystic - something I’d love to learn. ✨ Nine of Pentacles. I’d love to learn how to be satisfied and content when I achieve something, without immediately needing to strive towards something new. Sometimes I take my own achievements for granted, or blow them off, or compulsively strive to achieve the next thing (without really savoring the moment). This has to do with a sense of inadequacy or insecurity, which is a bottomless pit and drives me towards perfectionism and over-achieving. I’d like to be even more aware of these feelings when they arise so I can work through them and find a greater sense of inner peace and stillness. As always, the inner work is never done! 💜 #tarot #tarotchallenge #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #paganotherworldstarot #tarotpsychology #spiritualchallenge #healing #healingarts #intuition #intuitiveguidance #intuitivecoaching #empath #spirituality #spiritualawakening #raiseyourfrequency #raiseyourvibration #abundance #alignment #meditation #manifestation #akashicrecords #selfdevelopment #innerwork #lightworkersofinstagram #purefield #mindfulness
A few months ago I discovered that I tend to adopt a "victim mentality", even when the smallest thing happens. 'Why is this happening to me?' 'I deserved better', 'They really don't like me!' 'They treat me like a piece of 💩'... and so on. So I decided to take this with humor and think of the situation as something that I happen to instead of something that is happening to me 🙄 Odd, I know...⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So I'm going to tell little stories through a very homemade and amateur comic. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This first "comic" is about #meditation. I have been meditating for years, but not as often as I would like. Lately, work has been beyond crazy and is getting really hard for me to cope. I have been meditating everyday so I can feel better and drain the stress... so here I show you the very first days of getting back into . I'm doing a lot better now! 😊 #SoArtshitstic #RoadToSanity #Spirituality #Pagan #Paganism #NotCrazyYet #Mind #Stress #Comic #Stories #VictimMentality #ThingsIHappenTo
RP via 👉 • As long as your mindful, present, aware, and conscious of your thoughts and energy… Then you will experience the true magic of it! • Always keep it real. Always be authentic. Always be bold. • DECLARE THIS NOW ⤵️ 👉🏼I refuse to be broke and have limited options! 👉🏼I refuse to be stuck without direction and a plan! 👉🏼I refuse to allow anyone who takes me for granted to occupy my energy and time! 👉🏼I refuse to go throughout the day bitter about life and my circumstances! 👉🏼I refuse to hate on ANYONE who is doing better than me and who has acquired the lifestyle i want! 👉🏼I refuse to be a victim of my past pains and current challenges! 👉🏼I refuse to get physically sick and allow bad habits to steal my health! 👉🏼I refuse to watch the world crumble and not do anything about it! • The universe is ALWAYS conspiring for your success and well being! Why? Because GOD, placed you here to contribute to the greater good! • YOU, have skills, talents, gifts, and abilities that no one has!! (SERIOUSLY) • Your compensation for giving out great vibes, love, praise, and contribution is a life full of abundance in: love, health, wealth, and purpose!!! • Usually, when things aren't going your way it means ⤵️ 👉🏼you're not ready 👉🏼there's more to learn & grow 👉🏼something better is coming • Believe in great things coming your way! Trust that the universe has your back! Expect great outcomes! _________________________ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #frequencyoflove #thinkpositive #getoutofyourownway #lifecoach #love #Enlightenment #vegan #vegetarian #higherconsciousness #awakening #inspiration #universe #soultribe #lightworker #higherself #spirituality #knowthyself #spiritualawakening #mindset #entrepreneur #spiritual #crueltyfreelifestyle #lawofattraction #instagood #Community
🌙 New Moon in Pisces/ Fire Element 🌙 🔆 Aries, Leo, Sagittarius... be sure to read your Rising and Moon! 🌹 🔆Ace of Swords is very powerful. Indicating complete break away from the past. This is the power of communication. I’m seeing that the person who needs to communicate has been feeling restless, nervous, scattered energy… Going to bed late. What is to be told will help for you to see a way forward. It will help you come up with a new solution and I see the both of you communicating about putting in the effort and becoming more committed. 🔆On a career front I see you stressing over the fact of not having any employment or you’re not making enough money. You could also be stressing out over a potential promotion. Whatever it is for you I see that everything will come together and it will be given to you, be it a job, raise or title. You’ve worked hard for this and deserve the rewards. 🔆I’m seeing with certain relationships that there will be a break up. And the initiator for this could’ve been the one who needs to communicate in the beginning. You will have to choose what option is best. You have different choices, options, decisions.... may seem overwhelming or confusing at first. 🌙 Continued In Comments, or on FB page. Link in Bio