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Happy to be taking a deload after 6 weeks of eccentrics and isometrics - them fatigue feels were definitely starting to set in. I also did a little impromptu unsanctioned meet this past weekend with my @udpowerlifting fam, which went swimmingly, but I felt super beat up afterwards 👀 (footage coming soon). Deload work today was: ➡️3x5 high bar skwaats 265lb ➡️1xAMRAP high bar skwaaaats 265lb RPE 8 - ended up getting 12 (prob could’ve done a few more but I’m tired and it’s a deload 🤷🏻‍♂️) Gotta deload before ya reload ya know what I mean? Feelsgoodman.jpg @jakeadaniel ••• #workdontwhine #squat #squats #skwaats #respectthedepth #🍑gang #🍑 #powerlifting #powerkeg #MEAT
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Heavy Back ! Deadlift PR 315lbs for 2. New program is underway and I’ve never felt better 👊🏻 stay tuned guys and positive vibes going out to each and everyone of you 🙌🏻
Glutesss today 👹 Started off with some BB thrusts & finished my set off with as many reps to failure and pulses at the top which I couldn’t do many of 😫 cause holy moly on fire 🔥😈😈😈 Next I did Smith machine bench step ups😫 these really get me but I loveeeee them 😈🔥 Followed by some sumo deadlifts with a pause at the bottom 🔥 Walking DB lunges ( right / left = 1rep) 20 total reps 3x 🔥 Cable Kickbacks 10 reps to the side to target abductors followed by 10 kick backs 4x🔥 Even though I did Smith machine step ups I also did HIGH deficient reverse lunges w/ db 10 each leg 3x🔥 had some more time hanging out 🐒 waiting for my babe @andrew_vu87 so I did bw curtsy lunges and calves 🤣 🔥 holy moly 😝😝😝 lotssssss of lunginnnnnnn aroun today🤪 & my quads are hella sore from yesterday 😅 I posted our leg workout in my previous post 🙃It was yet another successful training day 😂👹🔥 #gluteday Bands & Bar pad are available @thefitnessdump🔥🍑 @vbabyyytraining #prosupps #gluteworkout #hipthrusts #squats #legday #transformationtuesday #lowerbodyworkout #motivation #psarmy #avufitness #alwaysworking
Ummmm, can we just all say WOW to Kate's #80DAYOBSESSION transformation?! She freaking KILLED it!! Everyday for 80 days she pushed play! Some days were harder than others, but she did it. She pushed play in Costa Rica for a family vacation, she pushed play early in the morning before her kiddos got up, she even pushed play some nights late with the kiddos crawling all over her... it didn't matter when, she just knew she had to get it done so she did. I'm PROUD OF YOU sis! You are so beautiful inside and out and I've always admired your strength, determination, and heart. When you want something, you go for it. Thank you for letting me a part of this journey with you! I'm looking forward to our next challenge together, and the next and next and next. 😘😘 🤘 #transformationtuesday #80Dayobsession #digdeep #getsome #determination #hardwork #results #pushplay #justdoit #strong #fitmom #strong #challenge #change #squats #thatbooty #booty #sisters #mom
Do you struggle with grocery shopping on a budget? Or grocery shopping in general? Here are a some tips to help you get through the grocery store without spending your life savings! 1. Find a discount store! I personally love Costco and also amazon pantry. Plus having these arrive at the door is fantastic! 2. Make a menu, make a list, and STICK TO IT. Seriously! Just see how much of a difference it makes! I literally do not buy things that are not on my list. 3. Have a healthy snack before you go to the store. We all know what happens when we go to the store hungry...we buy a bunch of stuff we DON'T need! 4. Stick to the perimeter of the store. There you will find your 'cleaner' foods - produce, protein, dairy, etc. Boxed processed foods are typically in the center aisles of the store. I try to just buy a few things from the inner aisle. 5. Read labels. Do your research. Labels with fewer ingredients are best. This is easiest to do if you leave your kids at home until you find a few healthy staples you would like to keep in your home. If I think something 'looks' healthy and find out otherwise on the label, I skip it. If I don't think I need it, then I don't buy it. Saves me dollars and calories!
Ever have days where you don’t want to work out? Yup. Me too... . . . Drank that pre workout and got it done though and I feel SO MUCH better! If you saw my stories you saw how bloated I was today. Thank you lady time! 😕😏 Normally that would stop me from working out. It’s all about changing your mindset. . . . #21dayfix #coredeforce #teambeachbody #beachbodycoach #beachbodyondemand #gotitdone #momlife #fitmama #fitspiration #fitspo #squats #sweatyselfie #postworkoutvibes #workingmom #healthyeating #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney2018 #healthylifestyle #mamabear #anxietydisorder #anxietyquotes #gainz #positivevibes
Group PT session or should we say party 🎈 #personaltraining No Boot Camp this morning, instead it was a morning of PT in the studio! These ladies are in a mission and with #ANGELS44 on week 2. 😇 They made sure they got that session in today. Personal Training is the next step up from Boot Camp, it’s tailored just to you and targets the areas you need to work on to get you the ultimate results! 🙌 With the bonus of being able to train at a time that suits you. Personal Training Packages available - 30min - 45min & 1hr Sessions! BOOK IN your weekly BOOT CAMP SESSIONS! 💪🔰💪 #EARNYOURSTRIPES JOIN TODAY - Train with us 💪🔰💪 #fit #toned #healthy #training #strong #running #teamnike #functionaltraining #runhappy #nikeplus #toneitup #anzacday #nikewomen #nike #abs #trainhard #workout #bootcampinstructor #personaltrainer #squats #bootcamp #justdontquit #mondaymotivation #hawthorn #camberwell #australia #allyg
Loving life and eating all the cheat meals this week 🍔🍝🍫🍦🍪🍩
Part of last weeks second Push Day featuring Dumbbell Press: 5x5 Lateral Raises: 3x10 Reverse Pec Dec: 3xFailure Tricep Extension: 3x10 📸: @lildellfit