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Hey friends! Do you need a statement piece that is ALSO a vintage, brass-handled knife with a CROWN on the handle? That's awesome, because look what I've got for you! Bonus, it's made in Italy. This knife is just gorgeous and I was really excited to pick it up the other day. Does it belong in your home? Yes it does. $12 - and yes, I will ship! DM to purchase. Are you also looking for a rad brass bowl? Well stay tuned. #letsgetintouch #vintagecutlery #soinrightnow #brass #crown #staycalmandcarryon #foundobject #katiefindscoolstuff #myothersidehustle #adamsandcanyon
These random cards and pictures at the end of the day of work means much more. Since January we had to finish up the science fair project, start and complete another project for the hallway bulletin board, had Grad for a Day, Open House last night until 7:40 p.m., weekly meetings, piles of grading, emails, executing the daily curriculums, making sure to help resolve students’ issues, and etc. On top of all this extremely crazy and stressful life at work, we all have outside of work life to manage. I am thankful I maintained as calm and positive this week with everything. #lifeofateacher #staycalmandcarryon #secondgrade #secondgradeteacher #teacherwholifts #staypositive #nobreaks
Questioning a lot of things about life when you see bodies burning to ashes at Manikarnika Ghat... Hustle, only if its worth it.. only if it makes you happy.. We only have limited time here on Earth so why spend that complaining, wanting more all the time.. these endless desires and disturbing thoughts that why are things so incomplete.. always waiting for the end result.. Things will always be incomplete.. will not be happy forever all the time... there will be happy days and then there will be days when you are low.. Life is nothing but a roller coaster and you can sit and complain about pain or you can just smile through it all.. Not sayin I always stay cheerful but yeah now I feel more peaceful knowing that after every jump there will be a fall and I WILL BE OKAY :) #sharing #heart #varanasi #manikarnika #strengthiseverything #hope #staycalmandcarryon
Don’t panic‼️💠😬
This is one my favorite combos to diffuse, especially in the car! When you diffuse oils you can effect your mood, and the moods of everyone in the room (or car!).... you’re welcome kids! 😃 • Balance blend is a fantastic oil that helps you feel more grounded and more at peace. ✌️ Wild Orange smells soooo amazing, and is great for calming anxious feelings and uplifting your mood. It’s great by itself or blended with other oils in your diffuser! 🍊 #thisishowiroll #healthyalternatives #travellingwithkids #momboss