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Yeah. Indeed. Rindu juga aku yang dulu dimana aku tak perlua rasa serba tak kena dengan semua perkara yang aku mahu lakukan. Tak perlu memikirkan perasaan siapa-siapa pun. What I did is all for myself and my own happiness. Unlimited enjoyable.. Thus, got no any commitments. Tapi tu la dekaray ni, dah slow down semuanya. Bila kita dah nak settle down, macam-macam hal pula makin menjadi-jadi. 😞 Penat juga nak pujuk hati ni kuat. How I wish aku boleh jadi hati kering atau heartless macam dulu balik. Seriously I mean it. 😔 #bestrong #dontgiveup #staycalmandcarryon
What's your stress reliever? Life can get stressful. So channeling that energy the right way can help. Singing to songs at the top of my lungs in the car, gym class or painting. I am by no means an artist but it's something I enjoy. Love my rock art tribute to my late friend Kimmy. #stressless #metime #rockart #innerpeace #channelitright #staycalmandcarryon
Some days we need to be reminded to just breathe. To slow down, relax, and be cognizant of the blessing in our lives. I loved having doTERRA’s Breathe blend on hand today for this exact reminder. Not only does it promote open airways and breathing, but it also was able to help me relax and be more grounded today. I love that I have these oils to reach to on a daily basis to support my emotional and physical wellness. 💙 • What’s your favorite oil or blend for grounding and emotional support? Share in the comments below?
When you start your journey toward discovering and manifesting your Life Purpose, remember to leave your shame behind but pack your curiosity and acceptance. 😁 Mistakes are inevitable. After all you've never done this before. 👌 So if you want to get somewhere, be OK with all your screw-ups. You can study them with a Zen-like calm and curiosity to get clues on how to course correct. Or you can laugh uproariously! Or both. 😁 😜 🤗 #lifepurpose #makingmistakes #learnfromyourmistakes #letgoofshame #staycalmandcarryon #keepmoving #courage #dailyinspiration #lifepurposecoach #mistakesgowithprogress #creationnotperfection #womensempowement #learnasyougo #createfearlessly #laughatyoumistakes #mistakesopenupawareness #selfacceptance #selfworth #selfawareness #overcomingfear #supportyourself #mistakes #donttakeyourselfsoseriously #pickyourselfup
Well it's important for you to point out who's fooling around you and who's a fool in reality. People might act as utter stupid but originally they plot against you just to bring you down. So beware. Don't let anybody play with your emotion. Don't let anybody deal with your sentiments. Be strong. If anybody hurts you, don't lose your calm. Be a fool to leave that person and forgive that element. Leaving that person will be the best revenge. Let that person suffer now without your help and love. Be a fool To fool that person now. . . #beafool #forgive #thatperson #who #hurts #you #staycalmandcarryon #revenge #willbebest #likethis #frauds #everywhere . . #revengequotes #instaposts #instaquotes #instablogg #blogging #wordlover #wordswag #identifyyourself #thoughtoftheday #quotestoliveby #pinterest
The week before going on a trip is always nuts! For some reason, it becomes a necessity to complete every little thing on my to-do list, even the things that have been on there for weeks. I always try to see as many people as I can, get things lined up at work for my absence, and get everything clean and organized to pack up. I’m holding on to this afternoon of tranquility, a beach day at the river with my friends the weekend before last, as the craziness hits. . . Through all the running around, I’m trying to make sure I’m drinking enough water and eating well. Not just surviving on coffee and snacking amidst errands. Making sure I always have a bottle of @gerolsteiner_usa #sparklingmineralwater with me always motivates me to stay hydrated - it’s so delicious, I can’t help but drink when it’s there. Get ready for this year’s #SparklingDetox on August 27-31, and you can go to this link to enter the sweepstakes for the chance to win a free case of Gerolsteiner. #gerolsteiner #sweatpink #sweatpinkpartner #ad