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#swipeleft 👈🏾 Happy T.G.I. #happythursday It's not quite #happyfriday and it's not the #happywelcomeweekend either but it's pretty damn close because it's #happyfridayeve So go on and enjoy your #happythursdayyall Look 👀 forward to tomorrow to raise the roof 🙌🏾 with enjoying the #happywelcomeweekend until then #staycalmandcarryon with your day. Take care to all and as I always say #stayaliveandwellandwin👍🏾 #dontletlifegetyoudown🌹🌹 #lifeisshort #livelaughlovelife #thursdayisntfriday but it's #fridayeve so it's close enough. 😆Adios people. 👋🏾
'Tis the season to FALL in love with Autumn! 🍁 Temps are lower, days are shorter, and you've got plenty on your plate...take a moment to give yourself a recharge with this "Apple Pie" diffuser blend. 🍎 💧Cinnamon 💧Douglas 💧Tangerine 🍁 👉🏼Cinnamon is a great way to help maintain a healthy immune system, especially when seasonal threats are high. 👉🏼Douglas Fir can help promote feelings of clear airways and 👉🏼Tangerine can help soothe anxious feelings and manage stress. 🍁 How do you recharge and give yourself a little chill time? 🍁 🍁 🍁
In my work I talk a lot about the heartbeat of your business. It’s a really important concept because so much of the blandular Business dialogue focuses on full speed ahead to profit! But that doesn’t work for Wayfinders.⠀ ⠀ If you are energy sensitive, heart centered, finding that you are led by a deep tide within you - this likely applies. Coming into alignment with what you are being called to do isn’t something that is a one and done deal. You don’t flip a light switch. If you need help to come online pop into my Facebook group for a spell. The tools aren’t complicated but they certainly aren’t common 💋🧜🏼‍♀️🧙🏼‍♀️👸🏻⠀ ⠀ #mythicalenterprises #stephlagana #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #businesscoach #bedeeplyrooted #spiritualawakening #divineguidance #spiritualguidance #soulpurpose #femaleceo #womenwholead #ladybossliving #womenentrepreneur #intuitiveliving #spiritualbusiness #spiritualbusinesscoach #divineguidance #quotes #quotestoliveby #motivationalquotes #businessquotes #successminded #businessquote #millionaireminded #heartofbusiness #beaware #bebrave #bravenation #staycalmandcarryon
Leaving Orange County for London 💂🇬🇧. Guess I'm not escaping the rain anytime soon! #staycalmandcarryon
Pure Joy is not a state. its not wow . I am having a real good time' good time bad time such times make no difference to the self you know about what time and bad time is you only know the joy of the supreme. you are always empty inside; outside; empty. you don't know how to measure anything. this emptiness is not a measure. it is just your joy- the joy that was there from before the beginning of this world and it is here during the great play of world and after the show of the world is over it will still be there here inside your heart you find it.🍂 ● ● ● #staybeautiful #staypostive #staythoughtful #staycalmandcarryon #goodtimeswithgoodpeople #badtimesmakethegoodtimesbetter #timetravel #stayhumble
Today is World Mental Health Day!! 🤗 In honor of this years theme “Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World”, I'm highlighting ways to help deal with stress and anxiety. 🌼 It’s important to give kids at a young age the tools to manage stress.....essential oils (EO) are an easy natural way they can participate in their own self care. 💗 There a many oils that have relaxing properties and they can chose the ones they like best. Roller balls make oils portable and easy for kids to have with them all the time...even at school. 🌱 EOs with linalyl acetate and linalool, like Petitgrain, Lavender, and Bergamot are known for their relaxing properties. These chemical compounds contribute to a calming and peaceful environment, which is why Petitgrain can be helpful for managing stress levels. 🌟 The 7 Best Calming Essential Oils are: 🌟 Lavender Bergamot Clary Sage Roman Chamomile Ylang Ylang Petitgrain Vetiver 🌿 doTERRA sources Petitgrain from Paraguay as part of a Co-Impact Sourcing initiative designed to support small-scale on the link in my bio to see the video 🌿 How do you manage stress?? . . . . .