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a p l a c e i n t h e s u n ☀️ This year my family and I lost my wonderful uncle Darren after many years battling with Huntington’s disease. Today was a very special day as I inked my calf with a place in the sun for my uncle. I am truely so happy with how this tattoo turned out, and a huge thank you to @stephmaree01 from @kakapo_ink for giving me this beautiful memory of my uncle. #family #inked #aplaceinthesun #steviewonder #tribute #uncledazza #sohappy #tattoo #kakapoink #greatful #loveit
나와 오빠의 first dance_
Something very different for me learning some jazzy chord type stuff this one is Stevie Wonders isn’t she lovely learning this one for a wedding I’m playing at next month can’t wait to show off my chops #Steviewonder #acousticguitar #jazzchords #guitarcover
I still can’t believe I saw Stevie Wonder last Sunday!!! I have no words for how much his music inspires me in my music, I love him! He’s my favorite for sure😇 #steviewonder #steviefreakingwonder