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I am a traveling tree ☺️ I pick up my roots and dig them deep into the place my soul calls to until it’s time to dig them back up and bury them somewhere else. I take my many branches of all my different gifts wherever I go, expanding and growing with each place and soul I meet. What is my occupation people ask me? Well it’s to be me.. to share the gifts from each branch and help others find the gifts on theirs ☺️ My job is to stand strong and tall when the storms come and provide a safe place for people to come and be who they are with no judgement. It’s my job to love, live, laugh and create so much abundance out of all the fruit I produce from my willingness to be watered and fed from the nutrients of this earth ✨ I am a tree creating a forest of the most beautiful soul sister trees of all different kinds and gifts to be apart of this journey with me 💜 What fruit are you producing from your tree? I have plenty of space in my forest for those ready to grow with me and I’d love to share my fruit with you as you create abundance in your life too☺️ #TreeOfLife #TeamNourish #Abundance
Is Selfie Sunday still a thing? 😜 I'm feeling fabulous after this mornings 30 minute workout, now it's time to meal prep so I can stay on track and smash my goals this week! 😍 What are you getting up to today? . . . . . . . #pink #vsco #pinkhairdontcare #pinkhair #blondesofinstagram #blonde #selfiesunday #selfie #stopdropandselfie #sundaymealprep #sundayworkout #greeneyes #healthyeating #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #smile #happy #veganfoodshare #workoutfromhome #gymshark #gymclothes #weightwatchers #slimmingworld #bbgcommunity
The other day I listened to a podcast that spoke about contentment. In our society today we get so caught up trying to “keep up with the Joneses”...but in all reality none of that matters. The Joneses with their designer shoes and bags, and fancy cars don’t impress me. You know what does? If they are truly happy and how they treat people. Everyone has different lifestyles and that’s okay. At the end of the day what will you be remembered for? Material items are temporary, but your legacy is forever. This season remember to be thankful for who and what you have in your life. . . Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. ♥️
I was tagged by I don’t remember to do a #sds 🤭🤷🏻‍♀️ sorry so late .... have a wonderful evening!
✨Hair✨ The first picture you see on the left was the story of the length of my hair for YEARS 🤦🏽‍♀️ I wanted it to grow so bad but it never would, it would split off and I would be forced to trim it so it could “grow” to just have it split and chopped off again 😑 See the thing is friends our hair is like a plant, it needs water, the sun and most importantly needs to be planted on a head full of nutrients so that it is able to grow and be strong🙏🏼 Your head is apart of your body which is apart of YOU and if you are not giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs your hair will be stuck at the length it is🙏🏼 This isn’t just your hair but your nails, your skin, your mental health and overall health all come down to the simple question... What nutrients are you fueling yourself with everyday to give your body what it needs? It has been 4 years since I have decided I was worth it to invest in my health and not only is my hair the longest it has ever been in my entire life but the amount of wisdom, growth, friendships and healthiness I have gained in my life is absolutely priceless and I would love to share with you these tools that has given me so much more than hair, but a healthy, abundant fulfilling life 🙏🏼✨ #HairGrowth #AskMeHow #RedHead #TeamNourish
Saturday night 💕 how’s yours ? Catching up on #stopdropandselfie tags by the lovelies @bariatricbeauty2018 @foodaddict30 @warrior_vixen @memyselfandmysleeve 😘 Entertain me with your #sds Ive tagged some inspos but feel free to participate ~ just another night of recovery & repping this compression bra and sleeves, Barramundi and salad, Netflix and a face mask in approximately 10 mins ... thank goodness I see @telshairdo this week for fresh red 💇‍♀️ #saturdaynightsin #sds #stopdropselfie #selfcare #skinregime #hairneedshelp
I was tagged! ~Haven’t done one of these in a few months so her is my #sds for my sole sister Rosemary. Thanks for the love. Just enjoying a little vino on this beautiful night. . Tagging back some fit fam. Only for fun. No worries if you don’t wanna It’s all cool. Muuuuuah😘 . . #whenyourtag #stopdropandselfie #allforfun #gottadoit #vino #hydration
This wasn't taken with the intention of posting it, but I kind of like it enough to anyway. I took it the other day to send to Nate so Angus could see it when I wasn't with him, because I left to go see a movie while he was napping and he asked about me when he woke up. Those boys, they've got my heart! #randomselfie #stopdropandselfie #kissyface #ensorings