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Ladies around ages 14to35+/- This one's for you!!! Being 'skinny' doesn't mean your are fit And it doesn't mean your body is healthy Look after your body the way you would look after the new dress you bought (you know where you make sure it's hand washed only and don't use products that will damage it) if you take such care off things your own.. Shouldn't you do the same with yourself? Meaning eating right and keeping active You get what I'm saying right? When we are young our metabolism is much faster, making it easier for us to burn and get in shape. Dont wait for when you 50 and complain about lower backache because you can prevent that from happening now! Yes I'm saying you can be that 50 year old doing back flips on a trampoline feeling healthier than ever Cuz you made the effort to get fit and now your body thanks you #fitnessaddict #fitfreak #fitness #fit #motivation #gethealthy #getfit #strongwomen #strong #gymlife #gymislife #gymmotivation #healthy #healthylife #eatright #fitness #gethealthy #shake #fitnessmotivationdaily
The other day I had an important meeting to go to so I did my hair and took my time with all my makeup. And I felt very pretty😊 I do believe there are certain levels of prettiness we have in ourselves. You can’t do a comparison of your prettiness to any other person because you are not the same person - you can only compare you to much effort you put in, how charming you are, how confident you are, etc. All these things play into prettiness. It’s not just your make up or hair. There are so many other subtleties that contribute to how pretty you feel. And maybe you hate that I’m talking about “being pretty” because what does that have to do with being a woman or succeeding in life or how people value you or even how you value yourself? Actually a lot. It matters very little if someone else is of the opinion that you are not pretty because you aren’t their “Level 10 of Prettiness” but it matters very much how you view your own level. Because how you feel about yourself - that radiates to other people. They make judgements and form opinions about you based on how you show people you feel about yourself. Of course there are people who think their poop don’t stink...we don’t like those people😁Those people are all Level 1 Pretty to me. But you also know those people who you might not think are super pretty physically, (By your own opinion) but because of how they carry themselves, the confidence they exude, how they treat people and the fact you can tell THEY think they are “Level 10 Pretty” (or at least an 8/9 😉), they still capture you. Now, for myself, by my own standards, I’m perfectly fine living my life at a solid Level 7 Pretty. It’s more effort than I’d like to put in daily to always get that Level 10. I prefer not to brush my hair or wear fancy clothes most of the time. Level 7 is also where I feel most myself. But I also have those days when I feel Level 4’s mostly around my cycle or when I am in just one of those moods. I think we all experience that. Prettiness is all relative. Ultimately YOU decide. And when you feel like a 10, be sure to take a pic to remind yourself later😉 #selflove #numberone
Always persist. Keep fucking persisting. And don’t let any prick tell you that these issues ‘don’t exist’ or that you should ‘get over it’ because this is reality but it doesn’t have to be anymore. For how much longer do we have to continue to prove that we are strong enough, smart enough, secure enough, capable enough... ?! Let’s build a world where the next generation (MY BABIES) are not defined by their fucking vaginas :) #womenempowerment #women #girls #womensrights #female #proudmum #proudwoman #strongwomen #equality #equalitynotsupremacy #feminism #thisexists
Don't wish for it work for it🏋🏼‍♀️🤗 • • • • • I spent so long feeling sorry for myself saying I could never change my body because "that's just how it was" or "I was just built like that" and that is beyond the truth • • • • • I was someone who didn't care what I was putting in my body to fuel it and someone who had a lot of extra fat but was still so straight up and down with no waist and I certainly didn't have prominent curves 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • • • So I decided to put myself, first to research the hell out of how to get the body and proportions I so badly wanted and would feel comfortable in I also started eating well 80% of the time and treating myself that other 20% and that balance was so so important for me☝🏻 • • • • • I guess what I'm trying to say if you really want something just go for it even if it's not the most sought after thing for me it was never about being skinny it was about building curves, feeling strong and looking strong not just physically but mentally 💪🏻 but also do your research don't be ignorant every article and video you watch adds to a bank of knowledge that's helping you and only you. Just help yourself it will do you the world of good down the line the more you know the more confident you become in yourself in and out of the gym❤️
Playing around in the garden with my eldest and working on gymnastics skills 🤸🏼‍♀️
Never Do the Same Workout “The reason most people don't see changes isn't that they don't work hard—it's because they don't make their workouts harder,” says Adam Bornstein, founder of Born Fitness. His suggestion: Create a challenge every time you exercise. “Use a little more weight, rest five to 10 seconds less between sets, add a few more reps, or do another set. Incorporating these small variations into your routine is a recipe for change,” he says.
At the end if last year I decided to turn down the noise of social media In my life. 🌵 I realized how much non productive time I spent using these platforms and how little value I got in return. 🌵 Time is such a precious commodity that we really don’t have a lot of so FB got the flick since it’s basically just an electronic chain letter that recycles the same old bullshit. 🌵 Insta is the only social I have and often I’m not on for long. A quick squiz and I’m on my way, but this post right here from @taikawaititi actually stopped me in my tracks and made me feel proud and greatful. 🌵 Proud to be a strong, woman, proud to be a kiwi with role models like this, greatful that these women forged a pathway for every woman that would come after them and grateful that a gentleman like this knows what the fuck is up. 🌵 #grrrlarmy #strongwomen #togetherwerise #proudkiwi #womansmarch #wahine #manawahine 🌵 #Repost @taikawaititi with @get_repost ・・・ In honour of today's incredible #WomensMarch2018 I'd like to throw it all back to our 1800's Māori Women's Dress Reformers who most deffo wore it better than the dudes. Mana Wāhine! Turns out they were also sheep shearers which makes it even cooler. Imagine a gang of women shearing sheep dressed like frikken Oscar Wilde!! Ahm yass sisters! #OriginalSquad
Women Marching One Year Later. A year after millions of women took to the streets in what may have been the largest single-day protest in U.S history, the Women’s March returns for its second annual demonstration. “One year on, the organizers of the march write “we are coming together to say time’s up on gender-based violence, sexual harassment and abuse....time’s up on victimizing survivors and allowing abusers to avoid accountability....time’s up on the culture that tells men they are entitled to women’s bodies. » #anniversaryofwomensmarch #2018 #timesuprally #metoo #strongwomen #togetherwestand #women4women #powertothepeaceful #powertothepeople #nyc #la #washingtondc #austin #london. One day in the near future, we hope, it’ll be our turn to march with our fellow women around the world in #Beirut 🙏🌹
To everyone who’s marching today, wherever you are in the world! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Remember that loving yourself (and fellow women/humans) with relentless force every day is a radical act 💕 What will you be marching for? via @girlboss #womensmarch #WomensMarch2018 @womensmarchlondon