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I told you I wanted to drop in. This park has a great beginner spot to drop in and today I went over the coping! #nofear #newtrick
Ahhhh! Getting higher, but mainly just being my silly self at the skatepark.
Did you know that our Salvador line is available with a freecoaster or an cassette. Just another way we build bikes for everyone’s riding styles. Scroll to last pics and zoom in on all the amazing spec and details these bikes have. Available worldwide now. More info at #bmx #subrosa #subrosabrand #subrosasaves #subrosacompletesme
I was so excited for today even made a special trip out to Escondido to check out this skatepark just to be told I’m a baby and too little to ride. #bummed Said you had to be 6 to ride there. So mom took me to my normal skatepark.