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I am responsible for the energy I release in the world 💖💫
I think it's the first year since I remember that "lose weight" is not one of my new year's resolutions. After a 2017 of pouring (aka teaching) I'm entering 2018 with the intention to pour even more. In order to do so I've decided to make sure I drink enough. Prioritizing my daily yoga practice and meditation is part of this "drinking". Instead of writing down a list of goals this year I write down one word: TRUST. I'll work on trusting that God loves me and that I'll be taken care of. I'll work on trusting my body and my instincts. I'll work on trusting that I'll find on my path everything I need to grow to be better. This is why I'll take care of my body and soul, to be a prepared warrior! Adriene, one of my favorite yoga teachers on YouTube, started a yoga series called Truth. This (along with snowy hikes with my dog) is where I'm starting: slow and steady, one step at a time. . . . . . . . . . #yogawithadriene #truth #yogafromscratch #yoga #meditation #sukhasana #peace #day1 #asana #mountain #snow #winter
Feeling vulnerable tonight. The cold... The dark... The wet... Cuddling up in socks and cardigan handmade by my beloved granny, I am filling up on my American vocabulary ( #netflixingwithpurpose): “Cock of the walk” - “Proof is in the pudding” - “Dont sneak up. You made me overzest”... ZEST FOR LIFE might be my new favorite expression. The German translation says both: hunger for life and lust for life. Yes. And yes. Cant wait for spring to arrive. #yogadiary2018 #oneyearinasana #sukhasana = #sweetseat #findingcomfortindiscomfort #melanielotzyoga #movewithintention #practicewitpurpose #yogaberlin #yogagermany #yogadeutschland #zestforlife #icarriedwatermelons #lotuslove #lotusflow #vinyasayoga #spring #lotusaroundtheworld #grannyisthebest #grannymode
There is a kind of beauty in imperfection - Conrad Hall —————— How beautiful flaws and imperfections become once they are embraced. Often I wish the things we think of as negatives would instead be realized as strengths, adding to our experience. Imperfections become beautiful once they are identified as key in our shaping character and serving as a resource to others. Growth into the person we envision ourselves to one day be begins with the present - so may you cherish yourself, flaws and all✨
Dreaming about warm, sandy beaches, salt water, ocean hair, tan lines and FAMILY! In 16 days I will be in Mexico with my family who I haven’t seen since May (8 months). My momma has planned an amazing get away for us all complete with 5 star accommodations. How lucky am I to live such a privileged life?! I sometimes can’t believe it. But I like to sit with my eyes closed and let my body and mind feel the love, excitement and gratitude that I feel for not only this upcoming trip but my life in general! When I feel it I know that its real and then I am able to share these amazing feelings with those around me! Give it a try ✨💕 Photo from my summer adventures in Southern Spain! . . . . . #love #yoga #meditation #gratitude #lovemylife #beach #ocean #sukhasana #yogaeverydamnday #breath #reflect #peace
✨Esta vez, Carol, una estimada alumna, entregada en su práctica con una admirable capacidad de aprendizaje, me regala estas hermosas 😌palabras que me gustaría compartir con vosot @s para que podái conectar con la variedad de perona que e acercan a la práctica, 🧘🏻‍♀️no tiene que er flexible🎋, ni epiritual📿 ni tener ninguna condición epecífica para practicar. Carol e una mujer 👩🏻‍💻trabajadora que compagina u práctica con u vida. ✨ "Laura e una gran profeora de yoga que tranmite calma y alegría a u alumno. Detrá de u clae ademá del ejercicio fiico incluye una metodología de meditación. Fue en un un curo que hice de iniciación con Laura que duro un fin de emana donde me hizo comprender que el yoga no era ólo ejercicio fíico ino que el cometido del yoga e también ayudarte en el dearrollo peronal. Depué de ee curo me motivo ha eguir practicando hata hoy en día. Gracia Laura por decubrirme la practica del yoga y por er una gran profeional que te involucra al 100% en tu clae para que el alumno coniga de u practica aquello que e propone." . . . #gracia . . . #yoga #principiante #comenzar #eguir #hathayoga #vinyaa #uryanamakar #aana #ukhaana #practicadiaria #amor #entrega #diligencia #compaion #namate #gratitude #yogui #yoguini #patanjali
Rushing to your yoga class is like sitting down at your favorite restaurant but tying your hands behind your back. Sure I guess you can get the food in your stomach.... But you'd have to eat your food like you're bobbing-for-apples. Like pig in a trough. You'd be participating in the act of eating, but missing out on the experience of dining. Same with yoga. You wanna throw your mat in the car, strap on your favorite Lulus, speed to the studio and then're missing the point of yoga. Yoga is about collecting yourself. Centering yourself. Refining your everything. And being your best you. So next time you sit down at a table and shovel shit mindlessly in your facehole, the yoga of eating asks you to pause and say "Hey, am I being the best, most refined me at this moment?" Likewise, whether you're a crossfit hound, a long distance runner, a gym rat, or an asana junkie like me...ask yourself "Am I honoring my body? Am I being methodical? Am I going slow enough to even realize?" Or am I still thinking about my TPS reports and the new bar that opened across the street, and "HEY!!!...look at the squirrel!" Center yourself. Just do it. It's good for you, good for your loved ones, and good for the world! Only you have the power to be fully present in all that you do. From dining to downdogs, it's all the same. Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. And enjoy. #namaste #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #sukhasana #effortandease #slowdown #bepresent #mindfulness #SLO #therealyoga