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Optavia Day six completed ✅ 📍Fueling 1 - Chocolate Shake. (Not pictured) Adding black coffee instead of water to the shake makes this so damn delicious !! 5/5 ⭐️ ........... 📍Fueling 2 - Buttermilk Cheddar Herb Biscuit w/ rosemary and thyme. I bought a mini Dash waffle maker to bring to work. Cooking this waffle style is sooooo much better than microwaving it! Topped with a wedge of laughing cow cheese... mmmmm 5/5⭐️ .......... 📍Fueling 3 - Zesty cheddar & Italian herb crunchers. (Not pictured because I eat these almost daily) Kinda getting bored of these ... 3.5/5 ⭐️ ........... 📍Fueling 4 - Peanut Butter bar. (Not pictured, ate that sucka quick) Good bar, rich peanut butter taste. Pretty damn tasty. 5/5⭐️ .......... 📍Lean & Green - Italian skillet casserole. See previous post for recipe ... so darn delicious! I've made this 5 times now.... A Million / 5 ⭐️ 🤣 .......... .......... 📍Fueling 5 - Chocolate chip cookie. Aaron didn't like how his turned out in the microwave so I decided... let's put it in the waffle maker! Yea... didn't turn out the best, but I was able to get most of it out. Presentation 0, but I give this flavor a 4/5 ⭐️ _____________________________________________ #optavia #optavia30 #optaviafood #optaviadaysix #optaviaday6 #foodreview #stayaccountable #food #foodporn #fitness #leanandgreen #livelaughlive #barbeestrong #goals #fitnessgoals #letsdothis #letsrock #motivation #weightloss #weightlossJourney #weightlossgoals #weightlossjourney2018 #lifestyle #lifestylechange #health #Solution2lose #sweatingforthewedding #dashwafflemaker
Anytime Corbin gets himself dinner when he works late, he always brings me a Sprite. That's my kind of love 😍
Reppin my new Gymshark crop mesh back tank 🦈💁🏽‍♀️ I’ve decided on a new reward system: hit a fitness goal, get a @gymshark item 👏🏼👏🏼
I can't believe I'm posting this. But I have to.🙆 I've literally struggled with acne for as long as I can remember. Like since I hit puberty in 5th grade. It's been a never ending battle. I tried literally every system, every cream, lotion, homemade potion out there and NOTHING ever worked for the long term. It wasn't until I realized that my skin was an organ that needed to be cared for that I started to see REAL change. ✨ Guys, my skin has NEVER looked like this. I've hardly worn face makeup for the last week because for once I don't need it. I used to spend hundreds of dollars to find makeup that would make my skin look like this but in reality I was spending my dollar in the wrong place. Once I started investing in my health, educating myself about nutrition, superfoods and holistic healing, I learned that skin health is an inside job. 🌿 To be real honest, my skin fluctuated a bit while I lived my 80/20 lifestyle. But with this 80 day program, I'm eating SUPER clean and the difference is noticeable! To say I'm motivated by this is an understatement. I'm forever grateful this came into my life. It'a been a complete and total gift. And I'm so excited that I have the opportunity to give that gift to you! 🙌 If you're ready for a total body and health transformation in 80 days, PLEASE reach out or comment below so we can chat about your goals! I'm here to help 💕
First home cooked #keto meal is donesies! 🙌🏼 fasting was challenging, but after 22 hours, we finally ate! We are going to begin intermittent fasting tomorrow. . Green Chile chicken (recipe shout out to @jmv62311 🙌🏼) • cauliflower “Spanish rice” • asparagus cooked in bacon (cooked by @juliette_xo_xo)😛😛😛 gone to heaven here, y’all! . . . . . . #sweatingforthewedding #slimmingdownforthegown #mrskingeryintraining #bridetobe #IAMMOTIV8 #workingonmyfitness #weightlossadventure #watchmeshrink #losingweight #fattofit #behealthy #obesetobeast #fatlossjourney #myfitnessjourney #nonscalevictory #hypothyroidweightloss #beforeandduring #watchmetransform #keepingfocus #ketolife #hypothyroid #hashimotos #buzzfeedhealth #dietandexercise #hashimotoswarrior #biggirlsworkouttoo #trusttheprocess #ificandoitsocanyou #ketodiet
Alright! Phase 1 is officially done!!! And here are my results from the beginning to week 4! 😁😁😁 Am I depriving myself of food? Heck no! I’m eating SO MUCH FOOD. 🤤 Sometimes to the point where I’m too full to eat but it’s crucial I get in my fuel to rock my workouts. And I’m still losing weight and inches!! No feeling restricted here!! 😉 I workout in the comfort of my home, I eat 5-7 times a day and have daily support and accountability from men and women in a challenge group. Which = all of the tools for success. ✅ Like our trainer says: ⚠️“Planning isn’t half the battle - it is the battle.” ⚠️I make sure to never set myself up for failure. I meal prep, plan my workouts and make my health and fitness a priority. I ain’t got time for excuses. If you want to join me on this journey - it’s NEVER too late. The results from this program have been incredible not only for me, but for thousands more. Why not try it out for yourself and see how well you can rock this as well? 😎 Wanting to get more info about the program I’m doing? Fill out this form and I’ll get back to you! It’s time to put yourself and make your health and fitness a priority! ❤️💪🏻 ⏩⏩ #sweatingforthewedding #sweatingforthedress #engagedlife #bridebod #bridebody #slimmingdown #progresspic #progresspics #weightlosstransformations #weightlosssupport #weightlossprogram #80dayobsession #80do #weighttraining #bunnymom #instafitsociety #vegetarianlife #bridetobe2019 #losingweight #inchesloss #byebyefat #curvyfit #curvygirlfitness
Tea time 😴
Arms, ass + abs day 🙌🏻🍑 w baby in tow. I'm super proud of myself today. I've been going ALL DAY since 5a and this momma is tired BUT this program is literally giving me energy to mom hard 🦄🦄🦄 I don't even drink coffee in the morning anymore, or have 5 cups like I used to 🤣. If you absolutely dread working out.. you're doing it all wrong & prob need to do this program to reprogram your ideas of fitness + self care. Also blast your fav music and just MAKE IT FUN 😍 if this former habitual quitter can do it w baby strapped to my back.. you can too 😜 #bemyaccountabilitypartner ? 🤷🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍💻👯💕
The best way to predict your future is to create it. . . My legs are one of my strongest parts. But also one of my most "flawed". Happy to finally be seeing changes for the better. #strongereveryday
We typically take things for granted because we are so use to them. We take our health and wellness for granted until we are faced with a cold, an illness, or even an injury. This is something that I am guilty of.. Especially when we are young we do things to our bodies and then we hear “it will catch up to you”. It is so important to not take our health, family, fur babes, or our faith for granted. #appreciatewhatyouhave #grateful #blessed #healthyandhappy #catsofinstagram #catmom
Day 7&8/80 I made it just in time to beat out the storms rolling in. Did my roll and release to start off and then worked my whole body. I feel so much stronger this week than I did last week which is so motivating!
🎉I want to form a new, different kind of virtual bootcamp that might not be your typical- (post workout selfie everyday style group that you eventually stop checking into because you have a bad week and you don't want the reminder of what you didn't do) <-- sound familiar? ⠀⠀ For some of us we need a place where we can BE REAL, share our workout selfies,have virtual cocktails hangs when the kids go to bed, and share our victories as well as our struggles! I want to jump straight in with registration tonight for a brand new bootcamp I want to start April 2nd! 'FITTING IN FITNESS.' You know I'm all about fitting this lifestyle into YOUR life! SO each person will get their own program (workout choice) and a custom nutrition plan tailored to your body and goals! ⠀⠀ 🔹Meal plans and nutritional recipes (even toddler approved ones) that will change your everyday eating habits! 🔹Workouts for an entire 12 months 🔹Group accountability and daily workout check-ins 🔹Bootcamp full of prizes, Recipe swaps and local meet up workouts! 🔹Virtual cocktail hours (mocktails too) to celebrate our little victories together or even the crappy day we had! 😬 ⠀⠀ Comment below with your fav emoji 🖤and I will send you a DM with all the details on how you can GET IN! 📸: @jennifer.codyy