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Yasssss!!!! Momma just scored 5 15% off qs!! The $20/50 was already dead. and by the time I tried to do a second order all q codes had died! 💀 now I’m just praying they let me get my order tmrw!! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🎯 #glitch #targetisbae #targetglitch thanks to all those that posted!!!
Target let me be GREAT today.... I was able to use (2) $25/50 honest mqs (from older target registry bags) and the $30gc way $100 target coupon to score an amazing deal on honest products... I luckily had a $100 gc so only paid about $9 out of pocket and still have some GC left from my last baby trans... did three trans rinse and repeat... The first $25/50 honest MQs scanned fine... the second one needed to be entered manually at the store.... one store did it as a MQ the other as a target q... the register wouldn’t take (2) my guess is because it says $25/50 or more... but my store pushed it thru for me 🙂 #targetisbae #targetlove #babydeals #couponingcommunity #winning #stockupprice #preparingforbaby #gooddeal #sharingdeals #sharingsavings #cheapies #babystockpile
In case you didn’t already know this about me, I’m really freaking good at shopping at Target. Like multiple times a week good. #sorrynotsorry Since I’m a pro Target shopper, I figured I could share some #protips with my friends! + get Starbucks AS SOON as you walk in the door. Cart, Starbucks, in that order. Drink your starbs the whole trip & get a FREE refill (most drinks and gold status people) on the way out of the store. + take a friend. It’s way more fun! But sometimes you just need me time and Target is the perfect place for that too!!🙃 + DOLLAAAARRRR SPOT!! So much goodness for so cheap. #winning +they have food & moms can grab their kiddos snacks and shop in peace. If your like me, it’s never a quick trip so this is a blessing. Target is a no judgement zone. It’s fabulous. Do what you gotta do mamas! (Even if that’s grab fruit snacks off the shelf, opening them and paying for them when you check out). + CARTWHEEL APP! Scan all the items you don’t need, but some how find their way to your cart to get an extra percent off. Your husband can’t get mad that way. #iwish 😂 + Debt/Credit cards will earn you 5% off your entire purchase every single time. #thankyoulord +just live your best life and GOOOO! #HusbandsLoveToHateIt #targetisbae #whatisbae? #thankyoujesusfortarget #allitsglory #goingtotarget #liveyourlife #kidsloveit #noshame #momlife #protip