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#realmomlife Thank you Jesus for making them cute!!! 🙈 My original caption was going to be something like, “Summer Fun has Begun!” but let’s just keep this #real!!. . It should say, “Summer Day 1 = they complained about how cold Dunkin was, cried that the extra donut didn’t get split into four even pieces, pouted about taking this picture, pitched a tantrum at Target about not buying stuff, cried again when the library was still closed at 10:45, plus one colossal toddler meltdown when she fell and skinned her knees after I told her to NOT go back outside when I was unloading the van!” Yep that’s a more accurate description of my morning!!. . Nothing “fun” about it...but they are cute!! And that’s all that matters because one cute 3 second moment erases all the rest of it, am I right or am I right!?! 😍 Bring on Summer ☀️ and the 90% that comes with the ity of life with many little ones and the 10% that leaves your Mama heart mushy and madly in love with having all your babies home for 2.5 months! ❤️ #summerfun #dunkindonuts #siblinghoodlove #realparenting
Since my daughter has a dairy sensitivity, I’m always looking for good dairy alternatives! @lovemysilk has become my favorite coffee creamer! My local grocery doesn’t carry it so @target for the win! Also comes in caramel and hazelnut! #momsguideto
Current status: jealous of my 8 year old.
It’s ROAD TRIP day. 🚗 I’ve got way too many bags, a Boy energizer bunny & tired 1 year old - if you don’t see a post by noon, send help 👀 But seriously so excited to have this special time with my Dad & take the kids to see their great grandma and cousins! This is what life’s all about. Dropping everything to go because I CAN. 🙌🏼 Give me all your roadtrip tips with Littles 👇🏼
SAHM life 95% of the time looks like this. Minus the posing for the camera, but 100% my kids climbing all over me 😅✌🏻
Are you “will” ing or WILLING ? It’s been on my mind a lot lately - Not sure what I mean ? . I used to spend so much time trying to will things into existence- A better body A better mindset A cleaner house A more organized mindset Better friendships Being selfless . But they never seemed to happen because I never took one action to change who I was . . But when you’re WILLING to take a step in a new direction- no matter how hard- change WILL happen . Peep my IG stories so you can get access to my live video - and see if you’re “will” ing or WILLING ❤️
Today I am throwing it back to 3 years ago. I was running. Quite a bit. I had trained and ran a half marathon and done quite a few 5Ks. I wasn’t happy though. I thought the weight would come off easy with all the miles I had put in and it didn’t come off at all. My joints hurt. I debated on joining a gym and working with a trainer. Again. But I knew that the amount of time it took getting there and back.... it would only be a few weeks before I came up with reasons why I couldn’t make it there. I wasn’t looking for a quick fix because seriously, quick fixes equal yo-yo dieting. I wanted something that I could continue doing. So I found something that would work for me. I workout at home now. No more wasting time driving somewhere. Programs that meet my own specific goals. Nutrition plans where I DON’T STARVE. No more yo-yo dieting! I know, taking that first step toward change is hard. But I can tell you, I have NEVER regretted taking this step. My team has a challenge group starting on Tuesday, May 29 and I only have 5 spots left that I can fill. Throw me a like, comment or message if you are ready to find what works for YOU. . . . #momoftwo #findyourfit #imheretohelp #makingchanges #youcandoit #almostemptynest #targetmom #weightloss #weightlossjourney #harrypotterfan #marvelfan #mamaishappy #coffeegeek #iamwellandgood #cleaneating #strongertogether #weightwatchers #eatrealfood #feelgoodagain #80DO
Just over here thinking about how lucky we are that magic bands are built to withstand all the kid things!!! Seriously, I've been going to Disney since the days of paper tickets and my gosh these things relieve so much stress! Situations Tristan's magic band has been tested against : swimming in the pool, drowned in syrup, run over by stroller wheels, thrown up & down on the concrete pretending to be "fireworks", lost under the car seat for a few days in the hot sun, and more because... kids!! 😂😂 • °○° • Be sure to either 1 pick your custom (included and free) color of your magic band before your trip or 2 grab a character / themed magic band in the parks (run average of $25 but add lots of extra magic)!!
Happy Friday eve!!! For most of my life I hated any kind of fitness. But once you find something that you enjoy then you can fall in love with it and taking care of yourself. Because there is no destination to this... you need to take care of yourself so you can live a long and healthy life. ❤️
Day 4. I’m sore from the first 3 days lol but in a good way! Today my workout buddies behaved (other than N trying to make the baby do some of the workout moves 🤦‍♀️). . Our team hosts a morning zoom call (kind of like FaceTime) where we can have extra accountability during our workouts or so you don’t have to do your work at home alone. I LOVE ❤️ the zoom call for doing my workouts, because let’s be real, you always work harder when you know someone is watching 👀 right?? . So thanks so much #snstrong #weareshrednation for keeping me focused and accountable this morning! . Did you know that if you join one of my groups (my bootcamp, mindful eating group, and my team of Love Your Life coaches) you can join us in the mornings too?? What are you waiting for?! Send me a message if you want to get to work on your health and fitness! • • • • #boymomlife #homeworkouts #tiumom #bbgmum #targetmom #nikeaddict #lululemonaddict #tennispro #vssport #nikeflyknit #10weeksold #10weekspostbaby #10weekspostpartum #momof3 #mumlife❤ #mumlifeisthebestlife #toddlermom #workoutbuddiesforlife #homegardener #huskymom #furmom
Ahhhhh! Woke up work excitement for my teammates today 😃. Could hardly contain myself and couldn’t send a voice message yelling since the entire house was still asleep 😂. So I figured I’d get my workout done first 😂😂. Today I did a quick lower body focused workout and my legs are already shaky and sore 🤣. I’ve enjoyed being able to choose various workouts these days and just HAVE FUN with it all. At the end of the day, fitness should bring you some type of joy and fun! #TeamemPOWER #dontwishforitworkforit
Every morning we get a chance to change. A chance to be different. A chance to be better. So forget what happened yesterday, that is the past. It’s over. You have the power to control today, so use it to do something good for yourself. 💜❤️. _ _ _ _ #eatclean #guthealth #myjourneytofit #momlife #donewithdieting #yoyodieter #keepgoing #motherhood #sneakerlife #twinmom #writeyourownstory #crazydoglady #targetmom #lifeinsneakers #bingepurge #lupuswarrior #hydrateyourself #dogmommy #momof3 #soccermom #emotionaleater #weightlossjourney #healthandwellness #foodrelationship #autoimmunewarrior #yogamom #weightwatchers #portioncontrol
Today I'm struggling! Anxiety is on high and my emotions are all over the place. I just want to shut the world out today and go back to bed, but I can't!!!! I got to put on a brave, strong face and keep going. . Having anxiety is a bitch!!! You're fine one moment and the next you're a mess. I've done some hard things living with my fibro but when your battling the emotions in your mind, it almost seems impossible to escape them. . I needed this reminder today so I can remember where I was and what I've had to overcome to get here today, so it can help me get through today 💕
Last day of preschool at TLC