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" Hghschool pics, you was even bad then.... 🎶 " #TBT Would you believe me if I said I was skinny before? 😂 Top pic was when I was 15 / Bottom was when I was 17!  Even though I was skinny... My body was still developing. After my first son, forget it lol my body changed & helped me get curves! Which I NOW love ❤ Yes, I want to lose weight but I also want to embrace my curves no matter what! which I KNOW with this Herbalife nutrition I can!!! 🙏🔥🙋
#TBT Eskimo hat -Dog tag-Nike Boots-Thermal- and True religion jeans. Clearly I’m from the Bronx.
Este Jueves de #TBT Lo dedico a la Amistad "Porque Hay Amigos que Son Como Hermanos" Estoy Convencida de que Dios Es quien Escoge Nuestras Amistades y Se Complace en ella Pues El Mismo Esta interesado En Tener Una Amistad Fuerte y Estrecha
Quando a 10/10 passa kkk #tbt