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After my students wrote “How Tos,” I gave it a shot. Follow my step-by-step instructions on “How NOT to lose your shiRt as a Teacher” 👕😂👚🤯
@Regranned from @readyourworldmcbd - We are thrilled to be a part of this Huffington Post article by Taylor Pittman ( @taylorbp22): The nonprofit organization Multicultural Children’s Book Day defines a multicultural book as a work that includes characters of color and characters that represent a minority point of view, as well as books that share information about different cultures, races and religions. “When we can see through the eyes of another, when we can share a loved book with a friend regardless of religion, culture, race ... we create a sense of belonging not only in our classrooms and homes but more importantly in our communities,” organization co-founder Valarie Budayr told HuffPost. “The world outside our window becomes ours to shape and create.” The official Multicultural Children’s Book Day is Jan. 27, but parents, teachers and librarians can always find “diversity book lists” and other resources on the organization’s site. The nonprofit also just released an “empathy kit,” which includes books highlighting immigration and refugees, an activity guide and posters. #readyourworld #diversity #picturebooks #middlegrade #chapterbooks #kidlit #teachersofinstagram #momsofinstagram #librarians - #regrann
Hello Healthy Penguins! It has been an AMAZING YEAR! Your support and love for this small idea I had, became something incredible for my life! With that said, we will be open for Christmas Eve delivery and then closed for the following two Sundays. Myself and our employees will be with their families during the holidays! Thank you for understanding and we will be back with something VERY Amazing in 2018! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get discounts and first dibs on our exciting announcement! 🗣
Wallet-friendly teacher friend gifts! I could lay down with this opened candle on my nose all evening... thanks @target ! Also stickers over the $3 dollar spot signs are the move! #festivepomander #forever
When learning to clap in Spanish is as simple as uno, dos, tres. 😍 We only have a handful of our Spanish Body Parts and Clothing flashcards left in stock as they’ve flown out the door in the lead up to Christmas. If you haven’t yet secured a set for your kiddos or as a gift for the minis in your world, make sure you do before the weekend ends. Remember Australia you have FREE SHIPPING too! I’ll be taking a few weeks off to spend some quality time with my kiddos so I won’t be here much and the store will be closed from the 22nd so if you want to start 2018 strong in Spanish for your kids, be sure to lock in your final orders before then. ☺️ #theculturedkid #languagesforkids 📷 via @from.stardust