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#NOCTURNESFASHIONSHOW2017 - JENINE SMITH / / / / At this year's annual Fashion Design Graduate Showcase Jenine's collection, "Show Your Bones" exhibited interesting use of silhouettes, creating body cons to emphasize the energy of powerful females with exaggerated shoulders and armour like details by using crackled gold leather, wool, bull denim and lame. "My collection inspiration has been quite an organic process. I often feel inspiration chooses me in the sense that I am extremely visionary. We are at a time where feminine energy is needed and strength in silhouette is very important to me. I was living in the mountains before moving back to Vancouver to attend BMC and I wanted to bring aspects of nature into my collection...I touched upon this a little in my collection inspiration. I want women to feel empowered and inspired, I tried to express this through this collection. Art is really important to me, I think it needs to be valued and we need more of it out in the world. I love Einstein’s quote “Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes and plaid comes easy." Jenine's collection undoubtedly combines an array of textures and materials with her use of a black colour palette with moments of colour and gold. "Well it has been an epic year. I some how thought a condensed program would not be as challenging as it has proven to be. Learning pattern drafting was amazing, so much former confusion brought to light, truly incredible. I had some amazing instructors and feel I have learned so much, it has been extremely impactful." Photo x @peterbojensen // Key Makeup x BMC Makeup Instructor @j_hennessey // Key Stylist x BMC Fashion Marketing graduate @leilareira // Key Hair x BMC Hair Instructor @lady_callender
Every time I go to Kiwanda, I’m overtaken by the rock. It’s always changing and always beautiful. The colors and motion in this made me think of Jupiter. #raw #texture