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"There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars." — Jack Kerouac
Today we ditched school and took the boys to the #winchestermysteryhouse it has been on our cultural outings list for 2018. It was really interesting with spooky corridors and a rifle museum, total boy pleaser. Photography inside is not allowed so we could only share some outside moments. Afterwards, we walked across the street and had sandwiches @mendocinofarms Currently, we are driving home in the Bay Area Tahoe traffic 🤦‍♀️ this was not part of the plan:)
Benim cidden güzel hatalarım var nan.
That amazing feeling when you comeback to a place where I used to call home
Today we went to a Haunted Mansion. Some of you know about our monthly cultural goal for 2018. For February we decided on the Winchester Mansion. When I was setting up this schedule for 2018 I didn’t realize that The Winchester House was also becoming a Hollywood movie releasing this month...funny how random things become trendy🤷‍♀️ with that said I think it was a bit more crowded than typical. The house was built by the heiress to the Winchester Gun Co. fortune. So not only is it spooky and ultra unique but there is a gun museum. Needless to say a boys paradise. Happy Friday!!!