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The duck poker was an important role in ancient egyptian society. #themoreyouknow
B R E A D 🍞 I love bread and still eat it everyday ❣️ Sprouted grains are full of benefits⬇️⬇️ 1️⃣Sprouting grains increases many of the grains’ key nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, fiber, and essential amino acids often lacking in grains 2️⃣Sprouted brown rice fights diabetes and decreases depression and fatigue in nursing mothers. 3️⃣Sprouted buckwheat protects against fatty 4️⃣Sprouted barley is linked to decreased blood pressure . . . #ezekielbread #sproutedbread #sproutedgrains #sproutedrice #sproutedrye #sproutedwheat #sproutedbarley #cleaneating #carbs #bread #sproutedwaffles #sproutedenglishmuffins #sproutedcereal #nutrition #themoreyouknow #healthylive #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #aspiringwbffdiva #fitnessmotivation #foodmotivation #shinebrighter✨ #loveyourbody #mentalfoodhealth
Thank you Stacey for sharing your gift with our staff yesterday! We were expertly led through three hours of situational awareness AND got to practice new self-defense moves on each other! 💪🏼👊🏼💥 Let’s just say we are further empowered with this knowledge & look forward to bringing her back again (and maybe this time for clients 😏🙌🏼). Message us for more info! #themoreyouknow #selfdefense
Here’s the thing, this will be my actual human thoughts, i.e. not all geckos or marketing, sooo. Yeah. #vero #themoreyouknow
we all wanna get sweaty and rough love when the music calls for it, but ain’t nobody got time for your grabby, shovey, punchy shit, angry wasted dudes in Knoxville. Stop using “oh I thought this was a punk rock show” to justify straight up assaulting people who just wanna move their bodies to some rad-ass shit. (from “How To Mosh Wicked Sick” given to me by Lauren [I think that was her name] from Xylitol- a cool af lady who knows how to slam.) 👯‍♀️💯👯‍♂️💋 • • • • • • #themoreyouknow #howto #zine #punk #xylitol #olympia #olywa #hardcore #mosh #moshpit
💥GOLDEN QUESTION! 💥 💥What are you taking post workout?! Anything? Most people answer that question with protein , or a meal, or even nothing. 💥We all want the maximum results from our workouts because there would be no reason to be working out if we weren't. Ignition is a high glycemic carb that is a post workout MUST.. why? Let me explain (this gets a little confusing but stick with me) 💥When you workout your body depletes it glycogen levels, and your muscles need glucose to start the repairing process. So how we get that glycogen level back up is from carbs (Ignition- high glycemic carb.) Your body turns carbs into glucose which then will start your muscle reproduction. With me still? So what I'm saying is without the insulin spike from Ignition your body can't use the protein to the fullest. 💥If you are just taking protein post workout without a high glycemic carb, your body is turning your protein FIRST into glucose so you're not replenishing your muscles fully... aka less gains. 💥So, IGNITION- high glycemic carb that is replenishing your glycogen levels and spiking your insulin levels to allow maximum protein assimilation. 💥Phormula 1- fast digesting protein to start muscle repair quicker and more effectively.. yes this protein is different from the Level 1 meal replacement protein. I hope I didn't confuse you to much! If you have any questions about all that rambling feel free to message me! 💥 gets you free shipping on these post workout needs! #iam1stphorm #postworkout #science
Skin care! Mirah to remove makeup at night. Satin scrub for the shower in the morning. I used to think I had "sensitive skin". Turns out it was just the products I was using.
Just for Austin people! We have a class on the basics of oils available for anyone who wants to hang out and learn! 📓 We cover what essential oils actually are (and what they’re not), how they work in the body, how you can easily incorporate them into your home and why quality matters. 🎁 If you RSVP, we will reserve you a gift bag with samples and a batch of bath salts to put those oils to work right away! 🎉 Everyone who brings a friend gets a free additional relaxation roller! ✒️ Link to RSVP in profile!
Not only do we use the freshest ingredients, but ingredients that are good for you. English cucumbers are an antioxidant rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and folic acid, and aid in hydration, a bright complexion, and preventing acidity (among other things)! . . . . #beleaf #healthliving #chicagofood #chicago #chigram #chifoodie #foodie #delicious #healthy #veggies #vegetables #chifood #food #delicious #nom #yummy #healthydiet #lifestyle #sustainablefood #sustainablefarming #healthyeating #healthyliving #themoreyouknow #eatingfortheinsta #colorfulfood #colorfuleating #veggiecentric #cucumberslices #cucumbers #cucumbersalad
I can admit it: I’m on my phone way more than I’d like. I’m always looking down at it and while I try my best to be better, it is something I still struggle with. I love seeing people come up with brilliant ideas like this and engaging people they may never have if it wasn’t for this. 💕🙌🏼📱 #datewhileyouwait #lookup #inspired