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Safe to say, IVP was a disaster. The 2017/18 season has been the worst season of my life. Injuries, setbacks, and injuries struck time and time again. Was on course for 2 huge PBs at IVP, but eventually fate had other plans. This doesn't mean its the end though, its only the beginning. Gonna start the recovery process ASAP, and I'll be back. 10th of February. Mark the date. #thereturn
Want a suggestion? 🧐 - Ladies! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Your body is 📞 for us, let's Dream tonight. #thereturn 💃 #dreamwithus 🌙✨ #nkd 👀
Wiz Nation you wanted big news and we got it! @nathanael_holloway has penned a massive deal to play for the Wizards in the upcoming tournament and is the first rostered player currently announced. Holloway is a high flyer that will play above the rim and when interviewed at training camp this morning “I can’t wait to put on the purple and gold and clown some fools!”. Holloway will bolster the defence and physicality of the wiz. Many more roster announcements are coming... 👀 #Thereturn #Holloway #Highflyer #Jumpman #Clowninfools #bleedpurpleandgold #rosterannouncements