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Well junior you've been a faithful employee and I'd like to thank you for your service it's been a pleasure working with you. It would have been great if you'd let me know you were planning on taking early retirement BEFORE I spent $80 on plants for the office and $40 on fake carrot chew toys for the rats (I am a lunatic) but I understand it was a difficult decision. May you enjoy your twilight years in the shed until the day I can afford to repair you and possibly hire an employee. We may meet again on the battlefield side by side once more my friend. Until then imma have a drink and figure out how to make $$$ out of thin air 😂 #juniorthehoover #iswearherockeduptoworkdrunkmostdaystheamountofwallsanddoorshecrashedinto #earlyretirementforthisguy #dammitgottafindanewhooverguy #theyjustdontmakethemliketheyusedto