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Prologue: One day she was walking headlong into the wind. A gust stirred, leaves blew around her heels as they clacked on the sidewalk. And her hat. It was gone in the gust never to be seen. Until now. • • Story: Talbots, one size fits all, wool, grey, vintage-style, cloche winter hat with wool bow detail on one side. $7 shipped. • • Epilogue: Hang on to this one. • • #thrifted #vintagestyle #woolhat #secondhandfashion #thriftedhat #instashop #igshop #secondhandshoppingisvgoodfortheplanet
Since I try to keep the theme of my IG account that of crafting, thrifting and decorating, I placed one of my #niftythriftyfinds hats on that fence post so that this post will qualify. 😝 I really wanted to show you this rustic fence, which I saw hundreds of miles of in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. (They are made from Jack Pine logs, you can see some of those beyond the fence. The trees are fairly uniform in size. Some of these fences are built in a way that no logs need to be sunk into the ground, so what with the availability of the logs and ease of construction, they are very practical for those very very large cattle ranches.) I love them! Thinking I will ask Mr. Sunday to build me one for Christmas. 😇 Love ❤ & Peace ☮️, Esther #thrifter #thriftedhat #thriftersofinstagram #thrifting #goodwillfind #goodwillfashion
On our drive back home to North Idaho, we passed thru the posh towns of Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho. A playground for the rich and famous. The only shop there I stepped foot into was a thrift that I was able to surprisingly find, where I bought this hat. For four bucks. I am sure I saved myself $496. And I think it looks posh. 😝 (Backdrop are the Sawtooth Mountains, southern Idaho.) Love ❤ & Peace, Esther #niftythriftyfinds #thrifted #thrifter #thriftersofinstagram #thrifting #thrift #thriftshop #thriftshopfashion #charityshop #opshop #charityshopfind #thriftedhat