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Who is ready to make a life style change?? I can help!! Everyone deserves to feel amazing every single day!! #thriveexperience #thrivewithme
Thrive love ahead! I’ve been feeling a bit down because the weight scale has not been moving...well it has been, just not in the direction I want it to. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So today I grab an outfit from last spring/summer. I looked at the pants with a sigh and thought, “damn, these are gonna be tight.” So I attempted to pull them on. And they slipped right on with no struggle! 😱 That being’s not about the number on the scale. It’s about how I feel and how my clothes fit. My health and well being are more than a number on a scale. 💕 #Thrive #thriveexperience #dft #lifestyle #3stepseverymorning #wearetheinnovators #energy #bikiniseasonahead #nomorewardrobeproblems #exceptmypantsfallingoff
Thrive PRO Bar protein bar - sequential bar technology - 20g protein, 3g sugar, 4 net carbs - Birthday Cake edition
A friendship for over 20 +years I took a leap of faith I trusted my friend when she introduced me #LeVelThrive don’t get me wrong I was skeptical” felt I couldn’t afford it I gave her many excuses lol” yet I can to the reality that if I see her progression and I see it truly works and changed her lifestyle into a more healthier and positive one” hey I want to feel the same” I needed this & I am truly thankful for our friendship and also taking a leap into a healthier and better ME♥️🙌🏼 #thrivemom #thrivewithus #premiumnutrition in 3Simple Steps” #thriveexperience #thrivelevelpromoter