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Throwback to the 2011 Ottawa show. The plan was to compete in Classic Bodybuilding but at registration I was off by a few pounds on their scales and given about an hour to lose 2.5 lbs. Spent that hour posing in the sauna and pumping in the hotel gym while covered in a few layers of winter clothing trying to shed any excess water that was remaining. Came back to registration and was down 2 lbs. but told I was still overweight and they wouldn’t let me do classic. So, we switched over to open bodybuilding and hoped for the best! At that point I was completely depleted, dehydrated and was just looking to fill out. I spent that night wandering the streets of Ottawa, stumbling into every bakery and donut shop in my path. Pecan butter tarts, cinnabon, apple fritters, danishes….it was a glorious evening friends lol. Ended up winning my class the next day. Moral of the story – things don’t always go to plan. Always have a plan b and the right people in your corner and you can pull something together. I was lucky to have @aheadlan Adam with me in Ottawa to guide me through those last 12 hours. Good times💪🏻 #teamtrextraining #tbt #throwback #ottawaclassic #bodybuilding #junkload #planb #peakweekproblems
🧡💛 The definition of true love? ☝🏻Letting your hubby take the one ☝🏻 remaining leftover piece of this for lunch today. 📽 #throwback to last night when the grease from your shepherds pie (that you haven’t made in ages) finds its way up to the top. . . . #yeahthat #icouldeatthiseveryday #greaseistheword #cottagepie #shepherdspie #bubbling #comfortfood #happyfood #itsthelittlethings #thursdaythoughts [Technically this is cottage pie 🐄 because no sheep 🐑 were injured 😉 I have only ever known this as shepherds pie. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️].
#throwback #tbt #thursday to last prep in 2017: Late Feb 21 weeks out at 235lb.; early March at 226lb.; and end of March at 217lb. It’s not what you weigh, it’s what you look like you weigh! Leaning out is a slow process if you don’t want to catabolize, eating just enough, but not too much, and burning off just the right amount of fat. It involves metabolizing just enough carbs and fats in the process. #preplife #dieting #nutrition #exactscience #performance #slowlybutsurely #posing #bodybuilding #sidechest #classicphysique #cutting