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DEBATE 310 After an abysmal outing on Sunday, the tigers DFA’d longtime reliever Drew VerHagen. After getting off to a great start, his last 3 outings have been shaky. He’s given up lots of walks which have lead to lots of runs. His era started great but has been on a rapid uphill. However, his two seam action and movement has never been better. His spin rate is off the charts and hitters are only hitting .182 against him. His velocity is also higher than ever and that could be leading to his 9k’s per 9 rate. There’s no question he has potential, but Gardy and crew saw something else. The question is... was it a good move to risk losing VerHagen for Gerber? MY OPINION No. Ver has loads of potential. His slider, two seam, and fastball are a solid trio of pitches. He just had to fix his control, and that can be fixed and worked upon in lower leveraged situations. However, I’m 75% sure he will now be claimed.The pitches are there; it’s just location. And that’s proven by his opponent BA. When he throws strikes, he’s unhittable. It wasn’t worth losing him. There was other relievers we could’ve optioned. There’s Buck, who’s been inconsistent and has the same ERA. He has 1 more option. Also there’s Norris. The tigers are doing a disservice to him being on the team at the moment. He has 1 more year to prove himself as a starter, but the tigers are pissing that away. He’s just being wasted up here, getting an occasional spot start and barely pitching from the bullpen. Since becoming a full time reliever on April 7th, he’s had 2 outings. You may say he has nothing to prove in Toledo but I guarantee you he’ll be getting better there pitching every 5 Days... compared to relieving 2 times in 16 Days. Plus he has options so he wouldn’t have had to be DFA’d. I won’t make a big point here, but Gerber doesn’t need to be here yet either. He’s hitting below .200 with no power and a cold bat in Toledo. We are rushing him big time, but hopefully he will do well. But this transaction was terrible. Here’s my opinion... what’s yours? Answer in the comments. Remember to let your opinion be heard! #detroit #tigers #detroittigers #motorcity #mlb #baseball #Michigan #debate #gotigers #⚾
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Eat um up Tigers🐯⚾️