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Nice weather, great people, and some genuine attitudes all make up for a great formal! Huge shout out to @Dan Corah for giving me his Pike 150th pin so I can wear it to great events like this! Also, huge shout out to @kelmer409 for being my assistant treasurer this year and making sure our chapter has the capability to be able to have great events like this. Most importantly I want to thank the Iota Alpha Chapter for raising over $4,000.00 for Cycle For Life! This week was one for the books! PC: @a_schliff for the astonishing photography! #Pike150 #FutureCFO’s #tistheseason
Here’s the set times for this year’s Loud!Fest!! #TisTheSeason #ProTips Take off work, reserve a floor/couch spot, bring cash, hydrate, protein up, drown yourself in all the boozes, and fuck shit up, y’all. #BCSLoudFest website link in the bio!!!
Day 7: Active recovery/stretching ✔️💦 I seem to Always end my stretching with #hankthedog needing love and stretching too🤣 Also Day 6(Saturday): Agility Strength ✔️ Onto a successful week ahead for All of us IG folk✌️💜
Two years ago when I came to the States I was so obsessed with maintaining my body weight and composition - I was so precise about everything I ate. I missed out on so many nice moments with family (which I only get to see once a year) and for what? I remember binge eating back then too because I was So restrictive on my holiday and then feeling crappy about it. This time round I'm feeling MUCH more at ease. Still making sure to hit my protein through out the day & I'm training but I'm also able to enjoy things like: my sisters Bachelorette weekend, drinking wine and eating dessert with dad and taking mom out for meals. Two years ago Annabel would freak the fuck out and probably compensate for eating something off the plan. Now I'm truly enjoying each and every minute of being back home. I think this is what balance feels like. ❤️ Eye spy Hammy growth and Miko judging me in the background 👀🐱