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I’m in! Goals for this challenge are to fuel with only the good stuff for the 31 days. Hoping to break my sugar addiction. I also want to fall in love with running again. #Repost @toneitup #tiusandiego #tiu40plus ・・・ repost this pic to tell us you’re IN for your #TIU31 Fall Challenge!!! 🍁✨ Share your top goals ~ Karena and I will be going through the hashtag all day and seeing who’s doing it with us! . 31 days of workouts that’ll have you feelin’ 🔥🔥, our top self-care tips for the season, #tiuaccountability with your girls, anddd amazing NEW recipes... bring on the pumpkin spice 😜💪 we all start together on Monday Oct 1st! . sign up at the link in our bio @ToneItUp 🧡 we’re counting down the days!! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #TIU31 #oneweekcountdown
Took an active rest day. After attending Barre on Sunday and running Sunday and Monday, my body is tired. I can barely walk and my thighs are on fire. 🔥 It’s definitely my body telling me I don’t do enough classes. Lately, I have not been happy with direction of the scale or my body. The #tiu31 could not be coming at a better time. I’m definitely going to focus on nutrition and get at least 3 workouts in a week in addition to running. 💪🏼🏃🏽‍♀️Today’s meals were good and dinner was yum. Tried the new @eatbanza spaghetti noodles. Mixed with turkey meat and organic marinara sauce, it was delicious. 😋 I hope everyone had a great day!! ❤️ #tiucheckin #tiumom #tiuaz #tiu40plus #tiuover40
I am in for the #ToneItUp 31 Day Challenge! I am finishing up a 13 week challenge #OC4 with Jen Widerstrom which has been amazing but I am looking forward to some new #TIU fall recipes! My goal for this challenge is to continue moving in the positive direction with my fitness and nutrition. Being away from has made me miss it! @toneitup @katrinaascott @karenadawn #TIU31 #TIUTeam #TIUFallChallenge • • • #TIUBayArea #TIU40Plus #TIUBeepBabes #Fitspiration #FitFam #Fitspo #Nutrition #Healing #Fitness #workout #TrustMyJourney #SpreadAloha #PositiveVibes #SpiritMindBody #Hope #Strength #TeamJen #Widerstrong
Day 1!! At my renewed gym membership 💪 10 minutes walking warm up. A few weight exercises. A little booty fitness. 15 minute cool down. Time to go home, shower and get back to work. (7:30 am meeting this morning! 🤤) Debating on a funny yet embarrassing story. If you want me to share in my story, let me know!! #tiugirlproblems #tiuteam #tiuchallenge #tiu #toneitup #tiuapproved #tiucommunity #tiucheckin #tiubootycall #tiurva #tiuva #tiu31 #tiutransformation #tiugirlboss #tiuworkinggirl #tiubossbabe #tiumember #tiuwife #tiunutritionplan #tiujourney #tiu40plus
Well this morning was something. Was excited to rejoin the gym only my "home gym" was closed due to a tornado hitting it. But let's back up even further... . Last night I set out my gym clothes and packed a gym bag so I could be ready to go in the morning. Woke to pee. Lots of pee. Some dog peed on my gym shirt I had hanging on the closet door. PLUS other random wet spots around the carpet 😒. So I find a new outfit after soaking up the pee. With that said, I was late leaving then the gym was closed so I had to drive to a different location to sign up. Barely had time to change into work clothes before my 9:30 meeting. . Order coffee and put it in the TIU Shaker and add protein. It explodes and makes a huge mess, a few times 😒 . With that said if your day is doing better than mine, you are seriously winning!! . The good so far: I had more options for clothes. I got my gym membership. And I still had some coffee and protein left to drink. 😠 And was on time for my meeting and didn't show up in pajamas/gym clothes. . Now to go home and scrub the carpets before going back to work. . . #tiuteam #tiuchallenge #tiu #toneitup #tiuapproved #tiucommunity #tiucheckin #tiubootycall #tiurva #tiuva #tiugirlboss #tiuworkinggirl #tiubossbabe #tiumember #tiuwife #tiunutritionplan #tiujourney #tiufurmom #tiupup #tiupups #tiu40plus
Disastrous hair means it was a good workout, right?! #lgfallchallenge W2D1 Glutes & Shoulders and Glute Guide Lower Body Strength done! Nemesis of the day: the Y-Raises. Not sure if it’s because it was in the Finishing Circuit and I was tiring, but I muttered “why?” with each rep. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks to @becks.fit__75 for the modification idea on the overhead squats! Wishing all a good day! 💕 @laurengleisberg #unicornsfallforlg #lgaccountability #lgsisters #tiuteam #tiu40plus #tiu50plus
Spent a chilly afternoon at my parents house doing laundry and working in the workshop. My dad didn't have some saw thing to make some kind of cut big enough to do something fancy so he said we needed to "plain the boards" and make them thinner. It's a game I play. I think, next step is _____. Then ask, because I really don't know and he tells me something completely different 😂 Maybe by next year I'll have the hang of something in that shop!! Lol!! Once we plained the boards, he asked how tall I wanted my shelves to he and I had no clue. So now I get to measure can heights, box heights and other pantry goods I plan to store on the future pantry shelf. . Came home and made some taco soup and made new batches of see seasoning favorites!! Keeping it easy and simple this week. Bought bagels and fruit last Wednesday so that's breakfast and snacks. . . . #tiumealprep #tiumeals #sundaymealprep #tiuteam #tiuchallenge #tiu #toneitup #tiuapproved #tiucommunity #tiucheckin #tiurva #tiuva #tiuonabudget #tiumember #tiunutritionplan #tiujourney #tiu40plus
Anyone else feeling like life is so crazy busy you don’t have time to keep up with it all? When that happens, I tend to disconnect from IG. Not because I don’t want to be connected to the community but because the little time I get for myself I have been making count, by hanging out with my family, getting my workouts in and trying to focus on the tasks at hand. Today I had the house to myself, so I did a morning hike and then a ton of meal prep. Cooking in the slow cooker right now is Renee’s ( @reneeherlocker) chicken and white bean chili. 🥘I also made the PB and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies🍪 , the matcha protein bites (which I modeled after the coconut snowflake bites recipe and added matcha), the matcha donuts, cleaned and prepped veggies🥕🌶 🍠and roasted veggies for the Moroccan dish. I am ready for a week of success and will have plenty to share with my hubby! 😍 When life gets busy, just take the time to recenter and focus on what is most important. 🏆 #priorities #allinstride #disconnectwhennecessary #lifeiscrazybusy