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My #tiuhusband suggested a local 10ish mile hike when we woke up this morning so that's what we did! Made it down 2.5 hours faster than the first time I hiked it a few years ago and it felt so much easier💪🏼 #tiuteam #tiumedford #tiuoregon @toneitup
Worked up a good sweat doing a HIIT workout. I used to avoid HIIT, but I'm learning to like it💪🏼and yesterday, I became an aunt to little Isaac. So excited he's finally here and healthy! #tiuteam #tiumedford #tiuoregon @toneitup
When your husband suggests that you work out because you're being grumpy 😂 he gets me 😉 squeezed in a quick workout and I was in a much better mood afterwards! #tiuteam #tiumedford #tiuoregon @toneitup
You know those days when you're really feeling it and you're extra motivated and feel like a badass? Today isn't one of those days for me, but I'm here and I know I'll feel so much better once I'm done 😂💪🏼 #tiuteam #tiumedford #tiuoregon @toneitup
It has been a rough week and I'm pretty sure I got a few gray hairs over the past several days, but I'm so grateful that I've learned to use workouts as stress relief instead of turning to comfort food. Endorphins really are amazing! I've been recovering from a nasty cold, but my #tiuhusband and I got out on a bike ride on Sunday, a hike yesterday, and I did my own thing today to keep moving 💪🏼 #tiuteam #tiumedford #tiuoregon @toneitup
So thankful for the break from the smoke this weekend 🙌🏻 Still a little bit of smoke lingering but the air quality is so much better than it has been in months! Took advantage of the clean air by hiking from my house up into the hills. I feel so fortunate to live somewhere where I can walk from my house and be in the mountains and the forest in less than a mile! 🌲🌳🌲 Hiked 6 miles then caught up on chores and meal prep 💚 Happy Sunday friends
Heading to Vegas for a work trip tomorrow (I packed my sliders and bands for hotel room workouts), and thinking about how much I'm gonna miss this guy. I've already planned out times for workouts while I'm there and I'm planning on keeping my meals mostly lean, clean and green 😁 Hopefully planning ahead keeps me on track #tiuteam #tiumedford #summertoneup @toneitup
Ok, to be honest, my body is feeling really off after 6 days of eating out, dessert every day, and less working out. 🙈 The good news is I know what to do to feel better and it includes ZERO guilt. I’m SLOWLY getting back in my routine... Cleaning up my diet, chugging ALL THE WATER, and getting my workouts in! Time to crush some goals! 👊🏻 #tiuteam
Mixed in some dance grooves and yard breaks but D4 Shoulders/Abs + D5 Glutes/Abs are done and #lgsummerfitcation Week 6 is ✔ I don't advise getting this far being with LG, having 3 her leg days this wk was TOUGH! But I love that I'm getting so much stronger this challenge, I'll need to invest in new dumbbells and a barbell soon!! Off to run errands now, #tiuaccountabilitykitty is wanting treats and giving me the evil eye 😼 Have a wonderful day!! 🌼 #tiuteam #tiumedford #tiuoregon #lgaccountability #lgoregon
Blue skies this evening!! 🌎🌞💙 I can't begin to explain how happy this makes us, people have a bounce in their step and driving with the windows down 🙌🙌🙌 This mornings #tiubootycall was the Pilates Reformer and #lgsummerfitcation W6D3 Back + Biceps with some HIIT thrown in, need to activate that stubborn metabolism of mine! Have a beautiful weekend! 🤗 #tiuteam #tiumedford #tiudoeslg #lgaccountability #lgoregon
My first ever #tiuflexfriday pic... I need to work on it a bit, kinda looks like I'm mid fist-pump, but whatever 😂 I have a long way to go, but I've been noticing more and more muscle definition lately and it feels good. I've always been fairly strong but my muscles have been hiding under my unhealthy body. Looking forward to seeing more and more of them #summertoneup #tiumedford #tiuteam @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott
Plum Harvest is done so back to my usual #tiubootycall ~ working out is so much easier in the mornings for me! 🤸‍♀️ AMWO - #lgsummerfitcation W6D1 Legs and W6D2 Chest + Triceps, needed a good lifting sesh since air quality is 💩 today. Photo is from my walk yesterday while the air and temp was still acceptable. AMWO was TIU Best 10 Min Abs and Best HIIT + Abs then evening yoga ✌ Have a great day, we're officially over the hump and cruisin' towards the weekend!! 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ #tiuteam #tiumedford #tiudoeslg #lgaccountability #lgoregon #yogaeveryday