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Today, for the #tiuholidayhustle my hubby treated me to a prenatal massage and I’m currently taking a bath to relax even more( there’s a peak of my belly in the picture 😊♥️) Let me tell ya babes, when I’m three days away to deliver a baby and have done highlights and haircuts all day on your last day at work , a massage and bath is all I needed . Let me add hubby picked me up and took me to eat at a very nice Steak House!!! Today was a great day! #tiucommunity #tiuteam #tiupregnancy #tiubaby #tiusanantonio #tiutexas #tiucommunity #toneitup #37weekspregnant #tiuhubby @karenadawn @katrinaascott @toneitup #babybump #blessed
Happy Friday babes!! I enjoyed a relaxing night in with some @skinnytaste egg roll bowls and watching The Affair with my husband. Perfect way to start a busy holiday weekend😀 . This morning I did LG W4D4 cardio and abs with many pregnancy modifications. Who else hates LG cardio days?🙋🏽‍♀️ . . . #tiupregnancy #tiuteacher #firsttimemom #23weekspregnant #tiuholidayhustle #fitpregnancy #tiunutrition #tiubootycall #tiutoronto #tiusweatyselfie #tiucheckin #tiugirl #tiucommunity #loveyourbody #tiunutrionplan #studiotiu #tiugta #tiugirl #tiuapproved #studiotoneitup #tiumotivation #tiustrongertogether #tiuapp #sharelovesweatinspire #tiumeal #tiuapproved #lgfitmas #lgunicornssleighfitmas #tiuweekendwarrior #tiuflexfriday #holidayhustle #lgsister @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott @toneitupnutrition
I have been fighting with a doctor (not my normal OB) about Round Ligament Pain, scar tissue, or thinning of my uterus wall from previous c-sections. . Today I decided to stop letting someone tell me it’s “normal” pains. It was so bad I could barely do anything — we made the call to get checked out at the hospital (rather than to hold off until Monday). . Welp we were a little prepared to get the news that we got but not totally ready. My uterine lining is measuring “paper thin” + we could be having this baby a lot sooner. I was also having preterm contractions but no changes (praise God!) so I’m not in labor. . . Feeling better little by little but nervous what the coming weeks hold for our family. • • • • • #babybump #pregnantbelly #babyontheway #momtobe #mommytobe #wwsisterhood #tiumom #babybelly #momof3 #girlmom #momofgirls #beyondthescale #pregnantlife #tiuteam #thirdtrimester #fitpregnancy #toddlermom #tiuholidayhustle #tiupregnancy #34weekspregnant
Soooo here’s the reason I disappeared from the 31 day challenge mid-October.🤰🏼Baby girl was making me soooooo sick! Remember my posts about being so hungry at night?? And so tired? And needing more rest days? And thinking I was coming down with something?! Weellllll...there ya have it. 🥰 ——————————————————This is our first human baby 💛 & we couldn’t be more excited! I’ve already done a few of the TIU prenatal workouts & have been back to walking the last several weeks (after some of the sickness lessened). 💪🏼 💛 —————————————————— Can’t wait to continue the journey & so grateful for this community of beautiful, strong, healthy, fabulous women! 🥰❤️ @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott #tiupregnancy #tiumomma #tiuteam #tiuholidayhustle #holidayhustle #tiuflorida #tiutampa #grateful #healthypregnancy #babyonboard
In honor of the fact that I can no longer roll out of bed in the morning without assistance, here’s a little #flashbackfriday to the first 💪🏽 of 2018... one day I’ll have a waistline again, and I’ll be able to get up without a heave-hoooooo from the hubs 😂 #fbf #tiuflexfriday #flexfriday #flashbackfriday
Spa night in? More like salon day out but I’m totally down when pampering myself 🙂 This Mama desperately needed a pedicure since I can no longer reach my feet for longer than it takes to do up my shoes without getting winded 😆 6 weeks to go! #tiuteam #tiuholidayhustle #tiumamatobe #tiupregnancy
#40weekspregnant - Today is my due date. Technically my date was adjusted to December 21st, but they was James due date so I've basically just refused to acknowledge that as the due date because it's just too hard after everything we went through. Being a heart mom changes you. And while we've made some incredible friends and recieved amazing care, it's not a club I would ever want to join. . . As many of you know, this is my 5th pregnancy, but only my second to to term. So we certainly didn't choose when this baby was going to come, but the fact that this baby is adjusted to share a due date with our little heart warrior has been challenging. The closer we get to meeting baby, the more it seems to affect me. I had convinced myself that this baby was going to come early and it would be totally different... But baby seems to have other plans. . . I'm constantly telling myself that it's going to be different this time, but it is so hard to believe it when everything is so familiar. I'm doing everything I can to not completely lose it so if you have a moment in your busy holiday schedule, feel free to send me some stress relieving tips, labour tips, PTSD tips, or even just some positive vibes. 💕💕💕 . . #tiupregnancy #tiuteam #tiumom #fitmom #fitpregnancy #heartmom #heartwarrior @project_happyhearts @fourheartsshop @hopeful_hearts_foundation @lilheartheroes @stollerykids @chfmanitoba #CHDawareness
just in case you thought I knew how to walk like a normal human, I invite you to swipe on over ⇢🤷🏼‍♀️ who else has a pregnancy waddle well before it’s necessary?🤣
I made my own top 9 to round out 2018. Obviously it was a big year, I spent 3/4 of it preggo with Skye, so my biggest memories of the year mostly revolve around her! Announcing our pregnancy, learning we were having a girl, and her birth on our anniversary! ❤️ my sister’s wedding stands out too, that was a big event for our family! And sadly we did lose a member of our family, we said goodbye to Bella in June. It’s still hard to have Skye here without Bella. She would’ve been obsessed with Skye. I hope 2019 (wut) brings more SLEEP but also new memories with the family, more time with friends and mayyyybe the return of my fitness? More races perhaps?? 😬 only a handful of days left of this year, but it has already been one of the greatest yet most challenging years ever!! 🍾🎉 #topnine2018 #stephbfit
Spa night in tonight for the #tiuholidayhustle ! 💆🧘 . Mixed up my FAVOURITE Cellulite scrub: - 1/4 cup coffee grounds ☕ - 3 Tbsp olive oil or coconut oil 🥥 - 3 Tbsp sugar *Tip: Use it in your shower so you can rinse right out - it is MESSY! But SO worth it! . Scrubed all over my legs & especially my booty & thighs because this pregnancy is hitting them hard! 🙈 . I am now going to enjoy my fav clay mask from @toneitup in a nice warm and relaxing bath with lemon sparkling water 🍋 (wishing it was wine). This is going to be an early night for this exhausted Mama-to-be 😴! . Hopefully my energy comes back tomorrow! Cheers ladies! 😘 . #tiulifestyle #tiuteam #tiupregnancy #tiutoronto #unwind
The three Bs of my work outs today... biceps, booty, and a big old walk 😅
Typically around month 5, baby will find their feet, but each babe learns at their own worries! Don’t you love watching them learn! Great lil milestones count! Tell me a milestone that your babe achieved lately!! ⤵️ #babysfirst #babymilestones #babyfeet #fivelittlepiggies
Happy Friday Babes! It has been a hot minute since I posted a workout and I have been getting a ton of questions on how I have modified my workouts since being pregnant. Here is what I have done: ~ Removed any straight on crunching moves such as a sit up. ~ Removed any straight on planking moves on your toes. I have replaced with moves on my knees such as a kneeling push up. Side planks are fine! ~ Removed any jumping moves such as a squat jump or jack. I typically replace with a calf raise or tap out. ~ I have kept the intensity of my workouts the same and have continued to use the same amount of weight. My legs are still feeling the burn after yesterday’s lower body day at @lbs_metrodetroit 🔥 Here are 3 pregnancy friendly circuits to add to your next workout to get that booty, hamstrings, and quads on fire 🍑🔥Run through each circuit 3 times! Circuit 1: Alternating deadlift Squat + medicine ball toss (if you don’t have a ball just do a squat to press with a weight) Calf raises Circuit 2: Toe touch squat - 5/side Wide squat + alternating calf raise - 8 reps Wide squat hold + punches - 10/arm Curtesy lunge + kick - 8/side Circuit 3: Glute tap + V raise - 8 reps Weighted surrenders - 5/side Hip lift hold + straight leg oblique pull - 8/side The biggest thing with working out while pregnant is listening to your body! I’m able to hold a conversation while working out but I still push myself to the intensity I know I am capable of. I have been working out 4X a week and have felt amazing in my second trimester. I’ve just entered my 3rd trimester and I’m ready to tackle these last 3 months! . . . . . . . #fitmom #fitpregnancy #pregnancyworkout #thirdtrimester #healthypregnancy #pregnancymodifications #workoutvideo #trainlikeababe #lbbcommunity #tiuteam #tiumom #tiupregnancy #activepregnancy #strongasamother
When @shaunt proposes a #dipchallenge YOU SHOW UP AND DIP IT OUT🔥 Also, y’all know I love to dance so no arm twisting was involved😂 I think this #19weeks preggo mama did pretty damn well keeping up💪🏼💃🏻 I challenge all of you!!!👊🏼 🚫THIS IS NOT A DANCE PROGRAM
One month old today. . And I definitely don’t have my act together enough to do the stickers or blocks or posed photos. I can’t believe I remembered to even take a picture. . If you need me I’ll be sobbing in a corner cause this is all happening way too fast.