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全店デザイナーズチェアで 施術致します。  座り心地抜群です。 二個繋げたら寝心地だって抜群。
MY FIRS SHOOTING IN ISRAEL. It was 3 years ago, few months after my moving to Israel. I lived in Ashkelon (small city in the south, not far away from Gaza). I began to learn Hebrew in College and English with @kirill_englisher in the same time. It was very hard because I started to study both languages from alphabet a few months before. I lived without shootings almost 3 or 4 months, because after I moved to Israel I studied 24/7, lived in a small city, didn't know anyone, and it was horrible. I ask my friend @w_lea_ be my model and to help me with English. I was terribly scared... It was first shooting in my life not in Russian. She doesn't speak Russian, how can I explain to her, what I need? How can I understand her, how can I help her to relax, to trust me, how can I feel what she worry about and how can I calm her? My work is not just pushing the button. My work is so many different things, and one of the most important things is communicating. In a shooting time I help to my model with fears and uncertainties, I make a shooting time fun and comfortable. I help to be yourself in the front of camera. I'm happy that I did this first step with a new language. It was awesome. I did ✔️ it and in the last 3 years most of my clients is English speakers. I also work with Hebrew speakers but this is another long and interesting story. How many languages ​​do you speak? What was the most difficult thing for you in learning a new language? #portraitphotography  #portraitphotographer  #artportrait  #analoglens  #helios44_2  #canon5dmarkii   #photoart  #israeliphotography  #israeliphotographer  #telavivart  #iraprohorova  #iraprohorovaphotography  #vscofilm  #artphotography   #makeportraitsnotwar  #portraitisreligion #tlvstyle #tlv_portraits
Shadows are everything
I always feel like..somebodies watching me
Make up nude
Don’t act brand new
Ice cold
U never had a chance
Up close and personal