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Yay!!!!! Super happy 😀 someone willing to exchange this bag with my Tokidoki sling bag. I can't take sling bag anymore cause I bring around my drawing supplies with me and it would be too heavy for my shoulder. Even without that its hurting my shoulder too. Finally got my dream bag 😍❤️ #tokidoki #tokidokijujube #tokidokispace #tokidokibag #simonelegno
since mr. rainbow is on leave, pixie shall replace his absence. 🌈
Единороги-зайки 🐰 Таких ещё не было!😍 Также не было и бархатистой гривы ещё у единорожков #tokidoki А теперь есть! У этих и у цветущей Hanako🌸 Эти и многие другие единороги в наличии 🙌🏻 Заходите на наш сайт - раздел Tokidoki 🦄 . Photo by @brand
Restock alert Watchitude Donutella & All Stars - available at Aurorababynkids Singapore & Malaysia. Pls note this will be the last batch of stock for Donutella. Last Chance to get this. @aurorababynkids #watchitude # #tokidoki