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. I'm sure at first glance all you see is a fun group pic. While this is partially true there is a deep dark truth accompanying this picture. . . You see, this morning I had a company event I was signed up to attend. I have been looking forward to it for weeks and today was the big day. . My social anxiety was at an all time high. Not only would I be meeting some of my newest and closest tribe members for the first time, it came along with attending a large function in a town I'm not familiar with. . The cold hard truth: I arrived, I parked, I checked in at registration, I stood in the conference room and when I saw someone I recognized... I bolted! It was just too much at one time. I wasn't as prepared as I wanted to believe I was. . I ran for the hills as fast as I could and had no intentions to look back but then I got the fateful "Where are you?" Text from my upline coach. *I was caught, and for anyone who knows me, I cannot tell a lie, I was called out and needed to own it.* . After a back and forth sesh where I argued every reason not to come back I conceded for her every reason I NEEDED to and thus I made the decision to return to the scene of my fear today and face it. . Social Anxiety can be crippling and what appears to be just a fun outing with friends can sometimes feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest while you slowly suffocate from fear. . But today... I SHOWED UP FOR ME!! . I showed up and here I am still living to tell about it. Even more, when I arrived I came back to smiling faces, open arms and support beyond even my own understanding. I'm so glad I went back and faced this fear... I'm so glad I got to spend time with some of my new fam! . So many reasons to be thankful but today... I am thankful for everyone of these people right here. And a couple not pictured but they know who they are. 😊. . Seattle Super Saturday! 💙 . #anxietyfighter #onedayatatime📆 #toomuchfuntoday #mytriberocks #thesearemypeople #lovethesefaces #preciousmoments #reachhigher #dontslowdown #blessedaf #joinmenow #joinusnow #coachlikeaboss #ladybosslifestyle #coachlikeaboss #unstoppableaf2018
#downforthecount #toomuchfuntoday Hopefully that is all it is 🧐 An overly tired kid always makes this mama’s heart worry. But seriously, he looks like a little angel not a farting machine who picks on his brother, steals cookies & tests my patience c o n s t a n t l y • In fact this morning we were reviewing our verses.... and I ❤️ this one for all #boymoms • “Listen, my son & be wise.” Proverbs 23:19 • I am praying this over all of you, moms out there, that our sons & daughters would listen & be wise. Sheesh, and most of all the we as mama’s would be living examples of this verse as well 💙 #followmylead . . #crunchymoms #hippiemama #justdoingmybest #timeforthieves #bestheatedblanket